Zulu-fication of the ANC brings financial sunshine to long neglected KZN

By Alec Hogg

I was intrigued to read on Biznews that my old home province of KZN is growing millionaires faster than anywhere else in SA. On the one hand you might say about time. On the other, it’s entirely logical.

We are now into the sixth year of SA’s first Zulu Presidency. And like every other leader in history, where he was able to, now powerful JG Zuma was always going to help his nearest and dearest. Not just in Nkandla. Nowadays there are so many that you can hardly count the cranes around Durban and Umhlanga – a universe away from the obvious capital starvation when Inkatha ruled the province.

As Zuma himself once mentioned, the least appropriate international airport in the country happens to be in George, down the road from former President PW Botha’s Wilderness home. In time. the “Zulu-fication” of the ANC is sure to bring consequences. For the moment, though, the people of KZN are enjoying their long awaited day in the financial sunshine.

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