Bring on 2016 Elections – a chance for nation to send message to arrogant ANC cabal

By Alec Hogg

Untouchable Jacob ZumaWhile much of South Africa was enjoying the long weekend, politicians and lawyers were wading through the minefield surrounding Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir. Most of the world wants him to stand trial as a war criminal for 300 000 deaths in Darfur. When the warrant from the International Criminal Court was issued in 2009, al-Bashir started his own campaign against being arrested. Seems despite overwhelming evidence of the al-Bashir regime’s atrocities, Jacob Zuma’s ANC has clearly swallowed that codswallop.

Over the past two days SA’s Judiciary instructed SA’s Government to arrest al-Bashir. But as the ANC had guaranteed the Sudanese President protection while he was here for the AU summit, the Government wasted taxpayer’s money holding up the court until al-Bashar was escorted safely to his Presidential plane and sent back to Khartoum.

Whatever you think about the ICC, al-Bashir, Darfur or genocide, for South Africans an even bigger issue is at stake here. This is a Constitutional Democracy. Which means politicians can only successfully promulgate laws which are Constitutionally sound. The al-Bashir immunity decree clearly was not.

When it was shown to be illegal, Zuma and his cohorts ignored the court and helped al-Bashir slip away. So on top of Nkandla and the $10m FIFA bribe we have further proof our ruling political party believes, absolutely, it is above the law. No matter what our past political allegiances, the nation needs to punish this cabal’s arrogance in the only way it can: send them packing through the ballot box. Those critical 2016 Municipal Elections cannot come soon enough.

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