SIU raids Matlosana municipality, Klerksdorp in Covid-19 PPE procurement corruption crackdown

The office of the Auditor General recently released its second report on expenditure and management of Covid-19 relief funds allocated by the government. In its report, the Auditor General says it has exposed irregularities in the allocation of tenders for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE.) The report mentions that companies were allocated contracts when they had no history of providing PPE or worked in unrelated industries. Some companies were formed or registered just before contracts were awarded. The Special Investigating Unit has raided municipal offices in Klerksdorp in the North West province to execute a search and seizure warrant related to corruption in PPE procurement. – Melani Nathan

SIU raids Matlosana municipality in  Covid-19 PPE procurement probe

Investigators from the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) has raided the offices of Matlosana Local Municipality in Klerksdorp in the North West. The SIU executed a search and seizure warrant as part of its investigation into alleged Covid-19 personal protective equipment (PPE) procurement corruption.

In a statement, the unit said it approached a magistrate for a search and seizure warrant, as investigators were experiencing resistance from the municipality. The SIU reiterated that it would not hesitate to press criminal charges against any individual attempts to interfere with its investigation.

This morning, the SIU sealed the municipal building and advised employees to return home. The investigation was set in motion when President Cyril Ramaphosa in July signed a proclamation authorising a probe into PPE procurement in State institutions.

The proclamation authorised the SIU to look at alleged:

  • serious maladministration in connection with the affairs of the State institutions
  • improper or unlawful conduct by the officials or employees of the State institutions
  • unlawful appropriation or expenditure of public money or property
  • unlawful, irregular or unapproved acquisitive act, transaction, measure or practice having a bearing upon State property
  • intentional or negligent loss of public money or damage to public property, and
  • unlawful or improper conduct by any person, which has caused or may cause serious harm to the interests of the public or any category thereof.

The SIU said its investigation in Matlosana focused on Covid-19 PPE procurement, and the contracting of goods, works and services.

“The investigation also looks at the construction, refurbishment, leasing, occupation and use of immovable property, during, or in respect of the national state of disaster by or on behalf of the municipality,” the SIU said.

The SIU is also looking at payments made in a manner that was not fair, competitive, transparent, equitable or cost-effective. The probe will also examine if these were not contrary to applicable legislation, manuals, guidelines, practice notes, circulars or instructions issued by the National or Provincial Treasury.

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