BizNews webinar: Artists want a piece of the pie; Copyright Amendment Bill – Tim Modise

Broadcasters are required to pay royalties to recording artists and record producers. By doing this, they recognise the value of each artist’s artistic work.

By the end of September 2019, the SABC owed the South African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) over R160.4m. This was a debt due to thousands of authors and composers whose music is played on the public broadcaster’s television and radio stations. In October last year, the SABC had paid 35% of this longstanding debt.

The Copyright Amendment Bill, drafted by the department of trade and industry was passed by Parliament, ready to receive the president’s signature in March 2019. The Bill would give more young people access to education as the strict enforcement of copyright on books and other publications through the outdated Copyright Act of 1978, has hampered access to learning. The Copyright Amendment Bill would also give South African actors a piece of the pie each time a production is sold overseas. They would also more easily claim ongoing royalties alongside their foreign counterparts in international movies.

Despite all of its benefits, the legislation has been opposed by publishers, record companies, Hollywood Studios, global content streaming services, as well as Multichoice.

As an avid activist, local actor Jack Devnarain has followed the process closely and often tweets his support for the passing of the legislation.

In our BizNews noon webinar (Thursday 17 September), veteran broadcaster Tim Modise will be joined by artists and other stakeholders to discuss the poor laws and policies that currently govern the creative industry in South Africa.

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