Nedbank continues to innovate with new ‘order ahead’ mobile digital payment solution

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Banking giant aims to help change the way customers order, engage with and pay their retailers, merchants and even their favourite coffee shops with new payment and ordering application

Johannesburg, 8 December 2015: Nedbank is continuing to innovate in the mobile digital payments environment with the development of a customisable “order ahead” solution that will enable merchants to provide fully integrated digital payment solutions to their customers.


Working with development partner Ovations, Nedbank Emerging Payments has created the order ahead solution to allow customers to order items from an application hosted on their smart device or from a browser, and then collect the item later. The application is directly linked to the bank’s secure digital wallet payment solution, so as soon as an order is collected, the linked account is debited – much in the same way that you would engage with a digital service like UBER.

Future of mobile payments

image6“Mobility is shaping personal experiences. This is why we at Nedbank have opted to develop an innovative mobile payment solution, and can today offer existing clients looking to embrace mobile, or those who want to deploy a mobile-first business model, a working, fully integrated payment and ordering solution to service the digital savvy customer,” states Chris Wood, Head of Nedbank Emerging Payments.

“The development of this application echoes what we are seeing amongst the new-generation consumer, where digital innovations are driving the customer away from cash based transactions. Consumers today are looking for smart solutions that offer them an improved customer experience coupled with simplicity, all of which can be done from the device of their choosing. It is a trend that merchants need to start preparing themselves for and we (Nedbank) want to be sure we can help our customers make that transition when they are ready,” adds Wood.

A working solution

The order ahead application has been piloted with Nedbank merchant Europa for several months. The system is being run daily from one of its Sandton stores and is able to take in application orders, process in-application payments and push specials and new menu items to customers making use of the service. Furthermore it is linked to beacon technology that alerts the in-store staff of the customer’s movements, forewarning them when the client is nearby or when they have entered the store to collect their order.

The system is fully integrated into the secure Nedbank payment gateway and can be tailored to the exact needs of each retailer, merchant or customer who has a business model that call for mobile digital payments.

Craig Leppan, Director of Business Development at Ovations

“Nedbank has not only recognised that the consumer landscape is changing, but have opted to be in a position where they can offer their customers a working digital payment solution when they are ready to make the transition,” states Craig Leppan, Director of Business Development at Ovations. “The application of the technology is vast. A merchant can drive specials through their application, tailor it for seasonal and promotional changes, as well as create a loyalty system for customers using it.

“It is the type of application that will enable merchants and retailers to start changing the behaviour of their customers by giving them the value they crave.”

Driving innovation

In addition to the pure development of the application, Nedbank and Ovations have also created a module that enables the application to link into traditional Point Of Sale (POS) systems. Wood acknowledges that integration into POS solutions often requires some heavy lifting, but there are ways in which to ensure that a digital payment solution can run alongside these traditional applications, should there be a requirement on the customer’s behalf.

“Going mobile, whether it be the consumer making use of an application or a retailer adopting it as an acceptance payment mechanism, is not a quick change to make. Mobile applications and solutions don’t just take off overnight, but they are the future. As more consumers get used to, and comfortable with the notion of leaving their wallets at home, so mobile payment applications will become more pervasive. At Nedbank we want to be sure that we have a working solution in place so that a customer who wants to embrace this type of technology, can do so with us as partners in their growth,” ends Wood.

The Nedbank order ahead mobile digital payment solution is fully customisable, securely links directly into the banks existing payment systems, and opens up a host of new opportunities for merchants looking to take advantage of modern technology to drive innovation, customer centricity and experience within their business. 

For more information contact Chris Wood at Nedbank on [email protected] or Dalene Rowe-Deale at Nedbank on [email protected]

About Nedbank

image14“Nedbank Group is one of South Africa’s four largest banks, with Nedbank Limited as our principal  banking subsidiary. Our ordinary shares have been listed on JSE Limited (the JSE) since 1969 and on the Namibian Stock Exchange since 2007. We are a JSE Top 40 company with a market capitalisation of R119,5 billion as at 30 June 2015. Old Mutual plc is our majority shareholder and has 55,4% ownership of Nedbank Group.

Enabling small-business growth

Nedbank has built an extensive offering for small business over many years and is seen as a leader in the field of financial solutions, with products such as the award winning Big data tool Nedbank Market Edge™, mobile acquiring device PocketPOS™, free startup banking, a free tender account and tailored credit solutions, while additional support is provided through small-business seminars and an extensive enterprise development offering. Nedbank also introduced the Small Business Index™ as well as the Small Business Friday™ campaign to create greater awareness and rally the support of the greater community for small business.”

About Ovations

Using the right combination of people, process and technology remains the Ovations approach to the fast changing information technology and business landscape.  We have helped many of South Africa’s largest organisations to achieve sustainable business improvement through this unique approach. Our model is based on building long term relationships with our clients, as well as with partners who are not just along for the ride, but shape the journey using technologies that create real experiences. Ovations consultants are capable of working both in advisory and execution roles, from strategy through to delivery as well as supporting these solutions post implementation.

Our key focus areas include: Business Process Management, Enterprise Content Management, Integration, Architecture (Enterprise and Solution), and Business Consulting. These are further complemented by our Service Delivery Practice; our OneStream Case Management solution; the Ovations Academy and our innovative new Digital Practice.

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