Ilze Alberts: Do you desire to live an extraordinary life? Then develop these 5 habits

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People, who feel inspired with their lives and feel they add meaning to the lives of others, do it through the development of a healthy mind and body. They do not allow their mind to run away with them and they nurture the health of their bodies. They rather make it their aim to develop mastery of their minds, feed the health and vitality of their bodies and develop the following healthy habits:

Ilze Alberts
Ilze Alberts

Habit 1: They never ever ever give up. They are “I can” people, saying “I unhook the “t” from can’t”. Henry Ford said: “Whether you say you can, or you say you can’t, you are right”.

Habit 2: They find what they love to do and dedicate their life to it. It does not matter what it is, as long as it is what you love doing and it makes you tap dance through your days. Living your life with joy and meaning, contributes to feeling purposeful and fulfilled.

Habit 3: They live with a vision and purpose. Every person is born with a purpose and a reason for being. It is no secret what your purpose is, as your life, your actions, your decisions are reflections of your purpose. Your purpose becomes more tangible as you translate it into a vision. No matter how big or small you perceive your vision to be, it is uniquely yours and nobody can have the same vision as you. The world needs everyone’s vision. Your vision is your acts of service to others and yourself.

Habit 4: They leave a legacy. When you start to think about and plan your impact you wish to have, you can choose how far ahead you wish to think and plan. Whether you think small or big, its takes up the same time and space in your mind. What is the gift you wish to leave to your loved ones, your community, your country, and the world? What is the outreach of your purpose you wish to have? Why not think generational? The plans and thoughts take up the same time and space in your mind as a one-generation thinking.

Habit 5: They master plan their life: Plan how you wish for your life to unfold in all areas of life. What about growing your spiritual awareness, your mental power, your vocational service, your financial prosperity, your caring family relationships, your social leadership and impact and your physical health and vitality? How will your life look like when you are focused on being empowered and inspired in all the areas of your life?

There are 3 powerful steps to master planning your life:

  • Have a burning desire for your life.
  • Take definite action steps to achieve your burning desire.
  • Develop an attitude of gratitude. The more you count your blessing, the more blessings you will get to count.

You are here for your reason, your destiny, your life, and your dreams. Know them. Live them. Be them. Give yourself permission to be authentic and true to you. By doing this, the snowball of perpetual motion of visionaries, visions, destinies and legacies will be build for your family, your business and your life. The purpose of your life then takes on a much bigger form. Your inspired, meaningful and fulfilled life is the conduit for every family member and every generation to live fulfilled, prosperous, meaningful and impactful lives. Nobody is born to live someone else’s life, dreams or vision. Every person is born for their own. Hence, the biggest contribution you can make to keep on building your multi-generational family where every member in every generation has the privilege to a fulfilled, meaningful and purposeful life, is when YOU LIVE YOUR FULFILLED, MEANINGFUL AND PURPOSEFUL LIFE.

What will your life look like when you are living it with inspiration, meaning, fulfillment, health and vitality? And what will it look like if you don’t?

  • Ilze Alberts is a pre-eminent wealth psychologist and human behavioural specialist and she is known for her expertise in building powerful families, businesses and leaders. As a recognized leader in human behaviour and in psychology, she has expert skills to work with businesses, families and individuals. She is an accomplished international speaker, author, teacher and human behavioural specialist. She offers her specialized service on high net worth families and family businesses as their behavioural strategist – a service for high net worth families and businesses seeking fulfillment and prosperity for multi generations.
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