For second and third generation family members – how to make your own mark

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By Ilze Alberts* 

There are [people], who by their sympathetic attraction carry nations with them and lead the activity of the human race.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ilze Alberts

Every person who has ever been born and those still to be born has a reason, purpose, mission, and destiny. It does not matter the family you’re born in or the vision your parents have for you. What matters is what you wish to do with your life. What is of utmost importance for you is to know what you consider most important and what you want to be known for. When you have no idea what’s most important to you, you can feel overwhelmed, filled with anxiety, insecurity, and uncertainty. Fortunately, this information is not hidden from you. Your life, your actions, your words, your language, your choices, and your decisions demonstrate it. It is showcased to the world. Your hierarchy of values—what you perceive to be of highest importance and priority for you—is your purpose and ultimately your destiny. What you perceive to be missing in your life becomes most important to you.

Being born in a family with financial means can distract you from the desire to create wealth, since you don’t perceive any void in wealth or financial means. Being born into family wealth creates a unique set of voids, and every next generation has to face the challenge of being born with the so-called “golden spoon in your mouth.” This advantage can create the false illusion that money comes easily, and entitlement and a lack of self-achievement and self-preservation can develop. Unless the rising generation develops a clear sense of self with their own unique vision and mission for their lives, the shirtsleeves proverb might very likely become true for the family.

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But for every individual born in a family with financial means, a different void develops. Every person makes decisions about how they perceive their lives and every perception is made based on lopsided perceptions. No point of view or perception is based on an ultimate truth. Every point of view or perception is made using the lenses through which the person views life. This perception acts as a truth for the observer, but with artful human behavior skills and high-quality questions, any perception can be changed.

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You were not born to build your parents’ dreams. Neither were you born to build any family member’s dreams. You were born to make your own dreams come true and to build your own ideal life. Whatever you dream of making of your life, whatever your burning desires are, whatever you dedicate your life to fulfilling is your destiny and will become the mark you leave on the world. Ask the following question over and over until you get more certainty: “What do I want to be known for? What do I wish to dedicate my life to?”

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From your biggest frustrations innovation is born. Discontent with what is, your disappointments, and your distress awaken your creativity, goal-setting, and action steps that bring the changes you wish for. You know things could be and should be better, but you just don’t know how to make them better. You decide to walk toward the problem, not dance around it, and you create your mission, vision, and purpose, and thereby your destiny. It’s right in front of your eyes and has always been there, in your frustrations, your discontent. That’s how your destiny is born. When you awaken the genius in you through your sheer discontent and you have a burning desire to make a change in your life, you take another step in the direction of your destiny and the mark you will leave with your uniqueness and extraordinary approach.

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  • Ilze Alberts is a Psychologist and Human Behavioural Specialist and she is known for her skills in mentoring leaders in families and businesses. She is an accomplished international speaker and author. You can email her: [email protected].