How the EB-5 visa can secure your financial future in uncertain economic times

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With the political instability and uncertainty South African investors are seeking alternatives for their financial assets as well as options for living outside of South Africa where their families can benefit from better school systems, public transportation infrastructure as well as tertiary institutions. This is why recently investment into residence-for-investment programs have looked more attractive.

When it comes to putting down roots and investment in America, investors have the option of the EB-5 investor visa program, which enables investors to obtain a green card for themselves and their immediate family by investing $500,000 (nearly R7.2 million) into an approved project in the US.

At PathwaysEB5, Inc. we’re giving investors the opportunity to invest in Four Seasons One Dalton Hotel and Residences located in Boston Massachusetts, through the EB-5 investment program, which boasts Bill Gates as an investor through his company, Cascade Investments. There are already 260 investors from across the globe invested in this project, which should be finished by the second quarter of 2019. “$160 million dollars is raised through EB5 investments and we currently have $130 million and climbing daily, so there is still some room left for more investors in our project,” says Jeff Campion, CEO of Pathways.

Four Seasons One Dalton Hotel and Residences in the United States.
Four Seasons One Dalton Hotel and Residences in the United States.

He adds: “EB-5 money will be a first lien on the Hotel that is already under contract to be sold for $268 million. In our view, it allows for the strongest form of collateral, while also allowing the greatest chance of receiving permanent residency.”

US citizenship benefits

Legal permanent residents under the EB-5 investor program enjoy many of the same benefits as United States citizens, including:

  • Free movement for family members: The visa extends to immediate family members (spouse and children) of the EB-5 investor that can enter the US at any time and stay as long as they wish.
  • Increased investment access: Investors also have constant and easy access to the US for personal, trade and business purposes.
  • Access to internationally recognized colleges and universities for basic education and graduate study: Boston-based investors and their families will have access to the likes of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard. “Boston is a hub for education and attracts the world’s best and brightest,” says Campion of Pathways.
  • The US also provides many financial, social and education entitlements, public schools, health and medical care options, social security and higher education.
What is an EB-5 investment?

The EB-5 program has stringent requirements, which is why it is so vital to collaborate with a partner, like Pathways, that is intimately familiar with it. The program, managed by Pathways affords high net worth (HNW) individuals the opportunity to become US citizens by investing into US-based businesses to create jobs (at least 10 jobs for American citizens).  Investors need to commit $500,000 which will be returned in full, at the end of the loan period.


Pathways is encouraging investors who are considering the option of EB-5 as an investment opportunity not to delay on the decision as there is a much anticipated increase of the minimum investment as high as $1,350,000.  “We anticipate that the investment amount will increase in the next 2-6 months,” says Campion.

If you’re searching for options outside of South Africa and a way to secure your future in a first world economy, like the US, the EB-5 investment program offered by Pathways could be the answer.

“There is further volatility and unpredictability ahead when it comes to the future of South Africa but America’s EB-5 program could provide you with the security that you and your family are searching for and some investment certainty for your money,” says Campion.  

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