Last chance for the US Investor Green Card before the price increase

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By Dianne Stewart

Time is running out for South Africans wanting to take advantage of the “Rolls Royce” immigration option – the EB-5 Investor Green Card.

Dianne Stewart, PathwayUSA
Dianne Stewart

The EB-5 program’s minimum investment amount is set to nearly double on November 21st to $900,000. However investors can still lock in the current $500,000 TEA-investment rate and obtain a permanent resident visa (US green card) for their spouse and children under the age of 21. If you move fast, you may still manage to squeak in under the deadline! PathwayUSA can advise you about selecting a solid investment project and choosing the right immigration firm.

Should you not be in a financial position to do the EB-5, there are other viable relocation options to be considered. PathwayUSA will be in South Africa from Friday October 25th until Thursday November 21st to meet personally with interested clients who need reliable information and education about all their options, if they are considering or planning a move to the US.

“Educating yourself about every aspect of a move to the US is paramount to your success”, according to Dianne Stewart. “The process can be a minefield of options and choices. Attending a detailed and informative 2-hour workshop will provide all the tools you need to make the best decision for you and your family. We will be available to meet in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town and other locations by arrangement.”

Since 2006, PathwayUSA has provided clients with sound advice regarding a move to the US, including choosing the right city to settle in for your family’s needs; how to purchase an investment property before your get there, using your South African credit history; how to go about finding employment with an Americanised resume once you arrive; what educational opportunities await you and your children; understanding health insurance; how to settle into a new country and what pitfalls to avoid during the process, and many other issues that you will not know about.

Many social media groups have popped up recently relating to US immigration and relocation like #ImStayingOverseas, and most of the information on them often needs explaining and clarifying, as misunderstandings can occur. Stewart warns that much of the information is fragmented and can be taken out of context. “Always check out who you are dealing with and why they’re giving you certain information. There’s often a hidden agenda and people need to be aware of that,” says Stewart.

PathwayUSA has sought out the very best in the industry to work with and to refer their clients to. Not all attorney’s in the US are the same or have the same credibility, track-record or experience as the one’s PathwayUSA recommend to clients.

To schedule your 2-hour Personalised Concierge 1-on-1 Relocation Workshop, or to schedule your consultation phone-call, please complete our Relocation Workshop Questionnaire as fully as possible and submit it to us so that we can prepare an initial evaluation for discussion at the meeting.

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