Grenada strikes a chord with SA investors seeking secondary citizenship

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Citizenship by investment in 120 days and visa-free travel to 143 countries, including the EU Schengen area, UK, China, Singapore and Hong Kong, is seeing Grenada in the Caribbean receiving increasing attention from South Africans.

So says Chris Immelman, who heads up Pam Golding International: “With no need to even visit Grenada during the application process, minimal processing fees and no physical residency required, investors and those looking to acquire second citizenship are finding this a very appealing option.”

“Grenada’s CBI programme only requires a minimum investment of $220,000, with no interview, management experience or qualifications necessary.”

Immelman says coupled with this, Grenada has a source-based taxation system, so citizens who are tax resident there are not subject to Grenadian tax on their worldwide income, nor do they pay any wealth, gift, inheritance or capital gains tax.

“Not to mention the fact that with a year-round tropical climate, pristine beaches and lush landscape, Grenada is an idyllic getaway destination. At Kimpton Kawana Bay, just a 12-minute drive from the island’s international airport, sales have been brisk, with almost 200 transactions already concluded in the first three phases of this 5-Star branded resort development, situated on a prime elevated site overlooking world-renowned Grand Anse Beach.

“Units are priced from $220,000, comprising one-bedroom units and studios, including. in some cases, up to two weeks free usage per year. In addition, your property is put into the hotel rental pool, earning an annual return on your behalf via Kimpton, the hotel operator. Investors can also disinvest after five years.”

Adds Immelman: “Kawana Bay is the only project that we market in the Caribbean, as it meets our stringent selection criteria.”

Grenada enjoys a growing economy and stable democracy. Its citizens have access to top schools including Grenada’s, St Georges University, the world’s largest American accredited medical school, outside of the United States.

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