Invest in Portugal for its Golden Visa

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Known as one of the oldest nations in Europe, the country of Portugal is embedded in deep rooted history, cultural influence and rich Mediterranean climate that makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Bordered by Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, this colourful country is now a top-ranking immigration option for South African High Net Worth Individuals. With its dual citizenship, political stability and diverse investment offering, Portugal also presents an affordable, high-quality lifestyle for an array of individuals. Why wouldn’t you invest in this country?

Changes to the Portugal Golden Visa are coming into effect at the beginning of 2022! With only 100-days to go, utilise this time to secure your residency into the metropolitan areas of Lisbon, Porto and the scenic coastal towns.

Have you thought of a Plan B?

Many who are looking for opportunities abroad are trying to secure a good future for their children or find a safe place for their families to reside. Residency within Portugal is easily gained through the Golden Visa programme. Investing through a Private Equity Fund structure is gaining a lot of interest from South African investors, which requires and investment of €350,000 – €500 000, this option provides the investor and his family with residency within 7-10 months. Applicants need to have no criminal records and are required to visit the country for at least 7 days each year if you and your family do not intend to immigrate permanently. The benefit of a Golden Visa programme is that this application extends to your immediate family including your spouse, dependent children and parents.

Apart from residency through investment, there are several benefits that this Visa presents, apart from your entry to Europe. You become a member of the European Union with the ability to live, work, study throughout the country as a resident of Portugal and enjoy visa-free travel within Schengen Visa countries. This residence programme ensures a reputable and successful method to gain entry to Portugal in a simple and regulated process. After 5 years, you will have the opportunity to obtain permanent Portuguese citizenship for yourself and your family. As a High Net Worth Individual, you can also take advantage of the tax benefits that Portugal offers, including a Non-Habitual Residents Tax Regime that presents 0% on international passive income.

A healthy choice

Portugal ranks high in the fields of healthcare, education and providing a family focused atmosphere. Hosting the 13th best healthcare system within Europe, according to The Euro Health Consumer Index in 2018, Portugal’s healthcare has ranked above countries like Italy and the UK. Publicly financed through the country’s National Health Service, healthcare for children under 18 and the elderly over the age of 65 is free to residents. With a life expectancy of 81, the country offers low healthcare rates with accessibility to hospitals and other healthcare services. If education is a priority in your family, you’ll be pleased to know that Portugal hosts at least 125 private and public higher education institutions that present a range of study fields with a lowered tuition fee cost for residents.

Carry on with business

Within a diverse economy, there are various thriving business opportunities within the sectors of commercial farming, property investment, papercraft and oil production. The country is strategically located for business and travel, making it a top choice to setup businesses that engage in international trade and relations. For those that are not entrepreneurs at heart, Portugal is also home to a range of large corporate enterprises that are always seeking a range of experienced or skilled employees.

A sense of security

Ranking 29th in the world, according to the 2020 Global Finance Safety Index rankings, Portugal hosts a lowered crime rate and overall pleasant environment. This country has ranked higher than the USA, Sweden and the UK. Amble down the cobblestone streets freely while taking in the fragrance of Portuguese cuisine and chat to the locals, where at least 32% of the population speak English. These are also leading reasons why retirees have chosen Portugal as their destination. The coastal town of Algarve is a popular living choice for retiree expats. Overall, Portugal showcases an affordable, laidback environment for all who choose to reside here.

As a member of Investment Migration Council and IIUSA, 12 Star Capital boasts 10 years’ experience in Investment Visa Programmes. They have a distinct understanding of this Investment Visa application process and have affiliated with experts in the field of immigration to ensure you experience a streamlined process through the investment programme and acquire an alternative residency. Through a 4-step, turnkey process, you receive assistance through your immigration journey. Simply make contact with the team, check that the criteria is met along with your background check and submit your application to invest in this incredible country. With only 100-days to go until the imminent changes to the Golden Visa programme, utilise this time to secure your residency into the metropolitan areas of Lisbon, Porto and the scenic coastal towns.

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