Crypto’s are down: Now could be the time to get in!

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If you’re currently invested in the cryptocurrency market, you are either feeling a little bruised at the fact that the market has experienced a downturn or you’re seeing an opportunity to enter the market at a significantly reduced price point.

To put things into perspective, major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin experienced a drop between 15% to 27% over the past month. In monetary terms, Bitcoin went from its all-time high of R1 020 000 to R749 000 in less than a month.

Although the market has seen a short-term dip in price, investors who have been invested for only one year, are still up by over 110% had they invested in Bitcoin and 580% had they invested in Ether. 

What is a reality is that if you intend to invest for 3 to 10 years, history has demonstrated that regardless of the short-term volatility of this asset class, returns are unparalleled. The question that many potential investors are faced with, is the timing right? 

At Jaltech, we offer investors a simple way of gaining exposure to either Bitcoin, Ether or a diversified basket of cryptocurrencies. Given the diversified nature of our cryptocurrency basket, investors will have exposure to a number of the markets leading cryptocurrencies. 

If you are looking to gain some exposure to this diversified cryptocurrency basket, then click here for more information and schedule a call with a representative from Jaltech.

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