Linebooker changing the logistics industry

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Linebooker, South Africa’s leading freight platform, is changing the logistics industry. To date Linebooker has signed up some of the biggest names in the country’s economy as customers and transporters.

Linebooker’s cloud-based freight matching platform allows customers to connect with all the top transport companies in SA (481 transport companies and 15455 trucks, fully vetted and approved). Customers can manage their current transport providers with efficient technology, or request fixed-lane rates, via the Linebooker platform with service level agreements in place (SLA’s). Linebooker’s bidding platform supplements this with on-demand booking of trucks within 30 minutes.

Customers to date have improved their business efficiency in four areas:

  1. 30% savings in managing transport operations and administration using technology
  2. Significantly improved vehicle supply during seasonal periods = 99.3% with high volumes
  3. Significantly reduced lane rates
  4. Data and reporting visibility

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Access to over 15,455+ trucks, offering four tech solutions to choose from or use in combination. This technology has allowed customers to save money on their logistics costs, streamline their load allocations, and facilitates complete transparency. It also allows them to monitor and manage their load status anytime. Businesses can choose from the following options or a combination of them:

  1. PROCUREMENT AND TENDER PLATFORM: Procurement teams can run an effective tender request for proposal (RFP) process to the current 481+ fully vetted and approved transporters on the system. Reduce procurement time and effort and enhance competition!
  2. ALLOCATION PLATFORM: Use the tailormade tech platform for your business, formatting the platform to suit your requirements and easily manage your current transporter base. All your transport data is transparent and at your fingertips!
  3. BIDDING PLATFORM: Use the Linebooker bidding platform to quickly send load requests to all the vetted and approved transporters on the platform – 15,455+ plus trucks. Find and book trucks in 30 minutes. This is a great option for spot freight tendering!
  4. OUTSOURCED OPERATIONS: Linebooker handles and manages all load executions, from pick up to delivery, service level agreements, insurance, route updates, and admin and payments to transporters. No more multiple vendor payments!

Linebooker’s technology allows customers to manage their entire supply chain from planning to execution.

274+ blue chip customers, mega farmers and mining, large and small companies

481+ of SA’s top Transport companies – fully vetted and approved

15,455+ trucks available

98% year-round truck availability

14% average savings delivered to customers

Procurement and tender platform

Procurement teams can run a tender process to 480 plus of the top transport companies in SA, fully vetted and pre-approved, in record time. Search the Linebooker database and select the best vetted and pre-approved transport service providers per route to invite to your tender process.

Allocation platform

Linebooker’s technology can be set to incorporate your current base of transporters. It will convert your business’ logistics operations immediately onto a tech platform to create transparency, streamline transport operations and save money and time. It minimises risks by allowing you to plan and allocate loads efficiently to your selected transporters.

For instance, plan and allocate 100 loads in 10 minutes according to your selection criteria. All details related to the load, including its details, are kept in real-time. You can also choose to let the Linebooker team oversee all operations, risks and payments according to your service level requirements (SLA).

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Bidding platform

Use the original Linebooker bidding platform to send load requests to 15,455 plus trucks and book trucks in 30 min from load request. Reduce your transport spend by around 14% and limit facing vehicle supply issues. Linebooker manages all operations, insurance risks and payments to transporters and you always get the lowest market rate available.

Outsourced operations

Linebooker has a fully-fledged operations team and handles all load executions, from pick up to delivery as per service level agreements, insurance, admin and payments to transporters. Customers can choose to use Linebooker technology and continue to manage operations internally or let the Linebooker team manage this.

Combine the four services

Switch seamlessly between your allocation platform and bidding platform.

Seasonal problems

It is difficult engaging or coordinating with quality transport companies to ensure consistent supply of vehicles throughout the year.

  • Linebooker technology allows customers to use an unlimited number of transporters as load planning, allocation, tracking, proof of delivery and payment are all automated on the platform.
  • Linebooker also instantly connects customers with an additional 481+ pre-vetted transport companies, and 15,455 trucks.
  • Congested periods and reduction of risk – Pre-Linebooker customers had significant business supply chain risks with no immediate access to a larger fleet of trucks at times when their volumes, routes or truck types changed. A business continuity plan in most cases does not exist for the scenarios. Linebooker is an automatic business continuity plan with immediate access to pre-vetted and approved transport companies.