Altvest to list on Cape Town Stock Exchange

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In an African first, Altvest will list on the Cape Town Stock Exchange (CTSE) on May 5.

As one of the most disruptive financial technology companies in Africa, the listing marks a new chapter in their meteoric rise. Altvest disrupts traditional private equity by democratizing access to exclusive alternative assets through fractional ownership.

Established in South Africa – the world’s global capital for inequality – the platform intends to unearth tightly held assets and make them accessible. The opportunity set includes fintech, renewable energy, luxury asset funds, private reserves, offshore property, and popular sports franchises.

Retail investors will enjoy access to several previously private assets for as little as R100. Trades are executed on CTSE’s intuitive and powerful trading platform, A-Trade.

As Altvest’s co-founder and Executive Director Warren Wheatley puts it, “South African retail investors will gain exposure to investment classes usually reserved for the top 1% of society. These include prestigious wine farms, ultra- luxury game lodges, high-end art, and other alternative assets. These will be available in a fully regulated environment and in affordable increments”

Finding alternatives

Alternative investments have found favour in recent times against a backdrop of rising interest rates, higher inflation, stimulus tapering and high volatility across traditional equities. Many sub-asset classes across alternatives have proven to be resilient, outperforming benchmark indices across time. Alternative assets are expected to comprise nearly a quarter of all investable assets by 2025.

The retail investor landscape has exploded across lockdown and ushered in a new wave of passionate amateur stock analysts, vibrant finance communities and, sparked a social media juggernaut. Altvest intends to provide retail investors with a universe of opportunities extending well beyond traditional, vanilla equities.

The company’s Executive Chairman Koshiek Karan adds, “We live in the most unequal society on the planet. Overlay an inept government, mass unemployment and suffocating costs of living – we’re the textbook case for a failing economy. The only way you can expect anyone to reasonably care about the economy is if they own a piece of it. Democratizing private capital is more than the epitome of financial engineering, it’s real-world economic reform. The great wealth transfer is overdue”.

Details of the highly anticipated first listing to go live on Altvest will be released post-listing.

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