Revolutionising the way companies move goods and services: Real customer results with Linebooker

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International experts in logistics have observed that the transportation and logistics industry is rapidly evolving, and it is imperative for companies to adapt to these changes in order to stay competitive in the market. In today’s fast-paced and demanding business environment, manual processes to source and procure transport are no longer effective. The world is moving towards sophisticated technology solutions that connect with large networks instantly to always ensure transport availability and reduced transport costs.

To showcase the power of Linebooker, we will be using real world customer use cases to demonstrate how customers are using the platform to move their goods and services. These use cases will show how customers are able to manage their transport needs in real-time, compare prices and services from multiple providers, and track shipments. We will also be exploring how Linebooker is helping customers save time and money by providing them with the best transport solution for their needs.

Linebooker, the leading transportation and logistics platform in Africa and the first of its kind, that leverages technology to connect companies with a network of over 17,000 trucks across Africa from the top 700+ transport companies. This platform has become the go-to solution for several of Africa’s biggest corporations, including retailers, beverage companies, chemical companies, industrial giants, mega farmers, and hundreds of small and medium enterprises.

Customer 1 – required a reduction in total transport costs whist maintaining consistent truck supply on a same day order cycle.

  • Problem: How to reduce transport costs in excess of 10% whilst risking not having consistent supply of vehicles and improved service levels.
  • Solution: Linebooker tender to a large network 700+ top transport companies to allow transport companies to “cherry pick” routes and volumes they want to do. Select many transport companies out of the tender process to ensure consistent truck supply on a same day order cycle. Linebooker technology and operations team to handle operations and payment of multiple transport companies.
  • Results: See below

Conclusion: Above targeted savings delivered. Significant improvement in vehicle availability. Full data and digitization of transport operations.

Customer 2 – required a solution to call on trucks quicker and earlier arrival to avoid keeping warehouses open 24/7. Reduction in total transport costs preferred as optional outcome.

  • Problem: with only a few transport providers and a small pool of trucks how do you ensure there are trucks available to always load between 8am-4pm on short notice.
  • Solution: Provide access to Linebooker network of 17000+ trucks. Can notify all trucks in 30min of available loads and pick the trucks that are close to loading location and can load between 8am – 4pm to avoid all warehouse overtime costs.
  • Results: 82 Transport companies involved. Achieved immediate removal of all warehouse overtime. Reduced total transport costs by 9% via choosing best cost options on available transport companies.

Conclusion: Warehouse now run dayshift only. Total transport cost base reduced in excess of 9%. Significant improvement in end customer service levels due to earlier access to outbound trucks.

Customer 3– required a fix to current significant amount of dropped loads due to truck supply not being available. Wanted full visibility and control (digitalization) of transport operations across multiple sites and users. Plus, a minimum of 6% reduction in total transport cost.

  • Problem: Fix current inconsistent or low truck supply whilst reducing transport costs by at least 6%.
  • Solution: Facilitate immediate access to Linebooker network 700+ transport companies and 17000+ trucks by implementing Linebooker platform to manage total transport operations. Negotiate improved transport rates with new suppliers onboarded. Move all load planning, scheduling and allocation onto Linebooker platform.
  • Results: Increased available supply by 387% in 2 months. Reduced transport lane rate costs by 9.7%. Operations fully digitalized on one Platform – 35 sites and 86 users on one Platform.

Conclusion: First peak season concluded with record 99.7% truck supply whilst reducing total transport cost base. All Transport operations online with full visibility on Linebooker platform.

Linebooker offers several options for companies to digitize their transport operations and choose the set-up that best fits their needs. For example, companies can use the Linebooker procurement/tender platform to run a tender process with over 700 fully vetted and pre-approved transport companies. The Linebooker allocation platform allows companies to efficiently transmit load requests to chosen transporters, while the Linebooker bidding platform sends load requests to over 17,000 trucks and books trucks in just 30 minutes.

One of the key benefits of Linebooker is the level of control and transparency it offers. You can monitor the progress of your deliveries and ensure that they are on track. This level of control and transparency is essential in today’s fast-paced business environment, and Linebooker provides it in spades.

In conclusion, Linebooker has proven to be an invaluable tool for customers in the transportation and logistics industry.

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