Jaltech launches South Africa’s first Alternative Investments Platform

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In 2004, alternative investments accounted for only 6% of the global investible market. By the beginning of 2019, the size of the worldwide market had doubled, while alternative investments had almost tripled.

The CAIA Association estimates that the traditional global asset market is $102.6 trillion, while alternative investments have grown to $13.4 trillion. Alternative assets now make up 12% of the global investible market.

This month, Jaltech, an alternative investments specialist, unveiled South Africa’s inaugural Alternative Investments Platform. The platform aims to provide the South African market access to this rapidly expanding investment segment.

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Jaltech believes that more of the South African market is looking for exposure to alternative investments. In the past, however, the South African investment landscape has been rocked by dishonest fund managers and outright fraudsters who have caused financial loss to many investors. This has led to scepticism and fear among investors seeking alternative investment exposure.

Jaltech’s alternative investments platform aims to eliminate these fears by creating a transparent and accessible investment environment for alternative investments. 

The platform has been designed with financial advisors and investors in mind. It offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for investors (as well as financial advisors managing investors) to navigate and choose suitable investments, that are right for them.

The platform provides access to diverse investment options, including Section 12B solar investments, structured products, cryptocurrency baskets, private debt funds, and more. These opportunities are carefully selected by Jaltech’s team of experienced investment professionals with a track record of delivering solid returns for their investors.

The platform also provides investors detailed information about each investment opportunity, including performance history, risk profile, and other relevant details. Investors and financial advisors (on behalf of their clients) can invest in these opportunities with just a few clicks, making the investment process fast and efficient.

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To learn more about Jaltech’s alternative investments platform and to explore the investment opportunities available, visit www.jaltech.co.za.

  • Jaltech is a leading investment solutions provider specialising in alternative investments and manages over R1.6bn for more than 1,200 investors.