FFM podcast ep14: The Naspers gravy train; Banyana-inspired women’s month; R5,000 extra for August’s winning woman

The Naspers share price moved from a low of around R1450 in May last year to R3465 at the time of recording the podcast. This is as the group looks to close the door on its complex cross-holding structure at the AGM later this month. In this week’s podcast, BizNews’ Stuart Lowman was joined by DMA One’s quantitative analyst Charlotte van Tiddens and Sharenet’s director of operations, Fran Blom. Charlotte tackled the Naspers question, expecting more growth in the Naspers’ share price run. At the same time, Fran picked up where Banyana Banyana left, announcing an extra R5000 Fantasy Fund Manager prize for August’s winning woman, and gave us the stats behind women in finance. Remember to make your picks each week by the market open on Monday to have a chance to win any of the prizes up for grabs. And invite your friends. Register at www.fantasyfundmanager.co.za—thanks to our platinum sponsors Sharenet, Terebinth Capital, ClucasGray Asset Management, and Money Better. Remember to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss an episode.

In the 14th episode of the Fantasy Fund Manager podcast, host Stuart Lowman from BizNews was joined by DMA One’s Charlotte van Tiddens and Sharenet’s Fran Blom.

Women’s Month and Fantasy Fund Manager

Stuart started the conversation by highlighting the focus on Women’s Month in August and how the Fantasy Fund Manager game supports this drive. Fran explained that Sharenet is giving away a tax-free savings account worth 36,000 rand to participating women, and an extra prize of R5000 is up for grabs for the leading female in the August leg of the competition. The guests discussed the need for female representation in the industry and mentioned successful female financial role models.

Promoting gender diversity in finance

The conversation shifted towards efforts being made to encourage gender diversity in finance. Charlotte notes much is already done, but more can be achieved. She emphasised the importance of celebrating female role models and their positive impact on inspiring other women to participate in the industry.

Stats and progress

The podcast shared global statistics on women’s representation in finance, highlighting areas where progress has been made, such as an increase in women holding CEO positions in South Africa from 11% in 2009 to 30% in 2022. Fran added that the industry is heading in the right direction, and the Fantasy Fund Manager game promotes gender diversity by making investing accessible to everyone.

Investment strategies and market analysis

The conversation then shifted to investment strategies and analysing market trends. Charlotte shared her approach to long-term investing, limiting turnover, and being deliberate with timing when making changes to investment picks. She recommends monitoring news and potential catalysts for price movements. Fran mentioned the potential for value unlocking in the healthcare sector, particularly in Alzheimer’s drug advancements through Life Healthcare.

Naspers and women’s participation

The podcast briefly discussed Naspers and the potential for narrowing the discount with its latest structural shift in its cross-holding structure. Stuart also mentioned the current leader of the competition is a woman. The guests reiterated the importance of supporting female participation in the industry.

In conclusion

The Fantasy Fund Manager podcast highlighted Women’s Month, promoting gender diversity in finance and empowering women to participate in the industry. Charlotte and Fran shared investment insights and strategies, making the finance world more accessible.

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