Peregrine Capital launches new brand identity in celebration of its 25th year of business

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Peregrine Capital, South Africa’s longest-running hedge fund manager, has launched its new brand identity for its 25th-anniversary celebrations. 

With a contemporary shift to the future that pays homage to its heritage of investing in performance over the past 25 years, this new brand identity has a bolder tone of voice that echoes throughout this new brand.

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“As we start our journey to the next 25 years of our business, we are excited to introduce a refreshment of our brand that encapsulates our rich heritage while embracing the spirit of modernity,” said Jacques Conradie, CEO of Peregrine Capital.


Starting with a bolder and more impactful logo, the brand demands attention through its intelligence in how it looks and behaves. It takes cues for its font, logo, and colour palette from the great traditional publishing houses and thought leaders, such as the New York Times and the Economist, to position itself as a brand that is sure of itself and what it stands for.

“The business is founded on the belief that our people, values, and investment approach drive our success. Our new brand, but still the same name, embodies distinction, intelligence, ideas and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional performance. Our purpose is to create wealth for our clients, and our performance delivers that promise,” added Conradie. 

The brand’s tagline changed from Distinctive Asset Management to Invest In Performance

The design is typography driven and is supported by strong visuals and bold colours to differentiate it from its competitors. 

The brand’s primary colours are a newsprint paper hue and a dark charcoal ink to pull through the printed newspaper feel, while the secondary colours are bold, bright and eye-catching to bring a more modern edge. The colour set is warm to ensure the brand feels approachable while being a leader in its category. 

The Peregrine brand takes a deliberate stand against the established norms of the category in which it operates and challenges the taken-for-granted and unquestioned ‘way things are done’ in investing. The new brand highlights the stance of performance and intellect while remaining humble and makes those who interact with the brand think further about how they see the performance in investments.


Photography is centred around performance and a different perspective, whether human endeavour, monumental architecture, or colossal landscapes. 

Additionally, the website has been refreshed to reflect the new look and feel:

“25 years of a brand that has been defined by distinction has led us to a point where we can now look to the future confidently. The redesigned Peregrine Capital brand encompasses our unwavering dedication to performance in everything we do and brings a more contemporary aesthetic that will propel us into the next 25 years,” concluded Conradie.

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