FFM podcast ep15: Pre-market pow-wows; the long game; Quilter; Thungela

Quilter and Thungela Resources jumped more than 10 percent this week (at the recording time) to shake up the Fantasy Fund Manager standings. But the big moves highlight that a week is a short time in investing. In this podcast, BizNews’ Stuart Lowman was joined by Corion Capital’s David Bacher and Rene Zietsman from Portfolio Metrix. Rene is leading the overall Fantasy Fund Manager game; she gave us insights into what’s working for her, including a weekly Monday morning meeting with a competitor to discuss the week ahead’s strategy. Remember to make your picks each week by the market open on Monday to have a chance to win any of the prizes up for grabs. And invite your friends. Register at www.fantasyfundmanager.co.za—thanks to our platinum sponsors Sharenet, Terebinth Capital, ClucasGray Asset Management, and Money Better. Remember to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss an episode.

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The world of finance can often seem complex and intimidating, especially to those who are not professionals in the industry. However, there are innovative ways to make learning about financial markets both enjoyable and enlightening. The Fantasy Fund Manager podcast, hosted by Stuart Lowman from BizNews, provides a unique opportunity for individuals to engage with the world of finance through a competitive and educational game. Below we delve into episode 15 of the podcast, where Rene Zietsman, a participant in the game, shares her experiences and strategies.

A unique game for learning and fun

The Fantasy Fund Manager podcast is not your typical financial podcast. It offers a game-based approach that enables participants to make investment decisions, pick stocks, and track their progress over time. The game is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for a wide range of individuals, whether they have prior experience in finance or not. According to one of the podcast speakers, the goal was to create something that is both fun and educational, challenging participants to navigate the intricacies of financial markets while having a good time.

Meet the competitors

In episode 15, Rene Zietsman, a member of the tech team at Portfolio Metrix, shares her journey as a participant in the Fantasy Fund Manager game. Despite not having a financial background, Rene was intrigued by the opportunity to join the game and learn about investing. She recounts how she initially joined the game on a whim, not knowing much about it, and how she gradually became more engaged and interested in making informed stock picks.

Rene’s approach to the game

Rene’s strategy in the game is centered around planning and timing. She emphasises the importance of making stock picks at the right time to maximize returns. Rene and her colleague collaborate every Monday morning to discuss potential stock selections before the market opens. Their discussions focus on analysing previous performance, identifying trends, and researching the companies behind the stocks. Rene’s approach showcases the value of strategic planning and disciplined decision-making, even in a game-like setting.

Learning through engagement

Rene’s journey in the game highlights the potential of gamification as a tool for learning and engagement. What started as a social experiment turned into an opportunity for her to immerse herself in the world of financial markets. Rene’s willingness to step out of her comfort zone and embrace a new learning experience is a testament to the game’s success in making finance accessible and enjoyable for a diverse audience.

Insights from the professionals

The podcast also features David Bacher from Corion Capital, who provides insights into the performance of different stocks and shares his perspective on the market. He emphasises the value of understanding company announcements and earnings reports when making investment decisions. David also discusses the importance of diversification and the differences between managing a portfolio in a game setting versus real-world asset management.


The Fantasy Fund Manager podcast offers a fresh and engaging approach to learning about financial markets. Rene Zietsman’s journey as a participant showcases the potential of gamification to bridge the gap between individuals and the often complex world of finance. Her strategic approach and commitment to learning through the game highlight the benefits of engaging with financial concepts in an accessible and enjoyable manner. As the podcast continues to provide insights from both participants and professionals, it serves as a reminder that finance can be both educational and entertaining for everyone, regardless of their background or expertise.

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