FFM podcast ep22: Navigating bond yields and energy markets; Resilient Rand; Spar; R5k still to play for

In the dynamic realm of finance, keeping one’s finger on the pulse of the markets is paramount. In episode 22 of the Fantasy Fund Manager podcast, financial experts David Bacher and Grant Morris joined Stuart Lowman to dissect the intricate web of market uncertainties. From the surprising resilience of the South African Rand to strategies for navigating rising bond yields, their insights offer a compass for investors in turbulent times. Join us as we delve into their astute observations and strategies for success in an ever-evolving financial landscape. Remember, each dawn of Monday is your chance to pitch your winning stocks. With enticing prizes awaiting, the game is on. Rally your comrades and head to www.fantasyfundmanager.co.za to register—big thanks to our platinum sponsors, Sharenet, Terebinth Capital, ClucasGray Asset Management, and MoneyBetter. And mark your calendars: Subscribe now to our podcast to keep up with every episode.

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In the fast-paced world of finance, staying ahead of the curve is a challenge every investor faces. As the markets continue to evolve, adapting and making informed decisions is crucial. In episode 22 of the Fantasy Fund Manager podcast, Stuart Lowman from BizNews sat down with Corion Capital’s David Bacher and Grant Morris, senior portfolio manager at ClucasGray Asset Management, to discuss the current state of the markets and strategies for navigating the uncertainty.

The bond yield conundrum

The podcast started by addressing the recent surge in the US 10-year bond yield, which had risen to a 15-year high. David Bacher emphasised the significance of this move, highlighting how the 10-year bond yield serves as a global risk-free asset, influencing the pricing of various financial instruments worldwide.

The rapid increase in interest rates over a short period often raises concerns about potential market disruptions. Historically, such movements have been followed by unexpected developments, so both experts stressed the importance of keeping a close eye on the situation.

Finding opportunities amidst challenges

Grant Morris, senior portfolio manager at ClucasGray Asset Management, shared valuable insights into his investment approach during this uncertain period. He discussed the importance of having exposure to energy and oil in one’s portfolio, considering the ongoing dynamics in the oil and gas markets. With US reserves low and OPEC controlling supply tightly, energy investments could provide a cushion against the negative impacts of rising interest rates.

Grant also pointed out the value of identifying assets that have been significantly undervalued due to recent market turbulence. For instance, he mentioned Spar, a retailer that had experienced a tough few weeks compared to others in the sector. Such opportunities arise when valuations drop to attractive levels.

The Rand’s resilience

The conversation then turned to the South African Rand and its role as a barometer for the country’s economic performance. While a strong US dollar has typically weakened the Rand, recent global market dynamics have changed. The Rand’s performance was praised for holding its own, especially compared to other emerging market currencies.

David Bacher explained that the recent strength of the US dollar and its impact on the Rand reflected a broader global risk repricing. Investors turned to the dollar as a haven in uncertain times. The Rand’s resilience against other strong currencies demonstrated its relative stability.

Strategies for the future

As the podcast concluded, both experts offered insights into how investors can navigate the last month of the competition and beyond. Grant Morris advised considering investments in the energy sector, especially given the ongoing dynamics in oil and gas markets. He also recommended watching undervalued assets that could present attractive opportunities.

David Bacher echoed Grant’s sentiments and emphasised the importance of learning from history. He cautioned against rapid interest rate hikes, citing their potential to disrupt markets and pointing to past instances where such events had unexpected consequences.

In closing, the experts encouraged listeners to take advantage of the monthly prize in the Fantasy Fund Manager competition, emphasising that it’s never too late to participate. With a chance to win R5,000, participants can gain valuable insights into the investment world and enjoy the thrill of the competition.


In a world of financial uncertainty, staying informed and adapting to changing market conditions is crucial. The insights David Bacher and Grant Morris shared in the Fantasy Fund Manager podcast shed light on strategies for navigating these turbulent times. From understanding the significance of bond yield movements to finding opportunities in undervalued assets, their advice provides a valuable roadmap for investors. As they aptly put it, while challenges abound, so do opportunities, and the key lies in staying vigilant and making informed decisions.

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