FFM podcast finale: Winners, Losers and Lessons. Truworths, Textainer stand up; Implats, Pick n Pay hold the floor.

In the dynamic world of fantasy fund management, where the thrills of the trading floor meet the strategic battlefields of a game board, a remarkable journey has come to a close. After 27 intense weeks of sharp moves, unforeseen market twirls, and astute stock selections, the Fantasy Fund Manager podcast is a testament to the spirited competition and financial education it has stirred among its participants. Join Stuart Lowman from BizNews as he delves into the closing chapter of this exhilarating contest. In a conversation filled with insight and reflection, we hear from Corion Capital’s David Bacher and the triumphant inaugural winner, Raymond Steyn, unravelling their strategies, the pressures of market fluctuations, and the sweet taste of victory against the backdrop of a turbulent economy. This is more than a game—it’s a glimpse into the mindset of those who navigate the highs and lows of investing with agility and foresight. So tune in as we celebrate the culmination of an adventure that’s as much about the numbers as the narrative of those who dare to dream in digits. Big thanks to our platinum sponsors, Sharenet, Terebinth Capital, ClucasGray Asset Management, and MoneyBetter. Until next year.

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As the Fantasy Fund Manager competition draws to a close, the excitement in the studio is palpable. Stuart Lowman from BizNews wraps up a riveting 27-week journey of stock market strategy, triumphs, and volatility with Corion Capital’s David Bacher and the inaugural winner Raymond Steyn.

FFM overall leaderboard

For Raymond, the feeling of victory is just sinking in, a win clinched through weekly strategising, leveraging his financial background and intense market research. His method? Predicting weekly stock movements to optimise his portfolio—a paid-off strategy.

David Bacher reflects on the broader impact of the Fantasy Fund Manager game, highlighting its educational ripple effect—from individual investors to university classrooms. It’s a testament to the power of gamification in learning, making the complexities of the stock market accessible and engaging.

Throughout the series, participants dived into weekly market forecasts, anticipating the impacts of company announcements and global events. David points out the blend of skill and luck in investing but underscores that informed strategy is key, likening it to using knowledge strategically in Fantasy Football.

The competition, run during a notably volatile period, was as much about market smarts as resilience. Raymond’s strategic agility saw him shift his stock choices weekly, avoiding sluggish performers that plagued others.

The game also underscored a tough lesson: investing is not for the faint-hearted. David shares an anecdote about his own market beginnings, illustrating how markets can swiftly impart hard lessons, shaping investment philosophy.

The final week’s leaderboard shuffle resembled a thrilling sports match, with participants making last-minute gains. David humorously recounts an office incident where colleagues kept a strategic announcement under wraps, leading to some playful office rivalry.

The competition also revealed interesting market trends. The most held stock, Naspers, delivered a negative return, while the least favoured, MultiChoice, plunged dramatically. On the bright side, two top performers shone, with Truworths and Textainer delivering impressive returns.

The podcast wasn’t just about the competition; it also showcased market dynamics. After a turbulent October, the markets rebounded with a vibrant start to November. David aptly quotes the adage about the value of time in the market versus timing the market, reminding listeners that it’s the long-term investment that counts.

Closing with a nod to inclusivity, David and Stuart note the diverse range of participants, including many women, celebrating their success in the competition. The runners-up, Guy Macrobert and Grant Morris from Clucas Gray, also receive honourable mentions, showing that persistence and strategy pay off even in volatile times.

Looking ahead, David hopes to maintain the game’s simplicity while expanding its educational reach, ensuring that the foundation built this year paves the way for an even more inclusive and enlightening future.

Thanks are extended to all sponsors, participants, and supporters who have made the Fantasy Fund Manager podcast not just a competition but a learning journey. With insights gained and lessons learned, the anticipation for next year’s competition begins to build, promising another season of strategy, education, and, undoubtedly, excitement.

A big thanks to Terebinth Capital, Sharenet, ClucasGray Asset Management and MoneyBetter.

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