Mastering Section 12B: Jaltech’s milestone with 100% capital deployment

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We are pleased to announce a significant achievement in our Section 12B Solar investment. In June of last year, we successfully concluded our first fundraise, and we can now share that our team of solar experts has deployed all entrusted capital.

This milestone reflects Jaltech’s commitment to providing our investors with a 125% tax deduction and positions them for long-term positive returns.

A noteworthy aspect of Jaltech’s efforts is the exceptional creditworthiness of the counterparties involved. Each project has undergone rigorous scrutiny, ensuring that the financial integrity of our partners is of the highest standard. This meticulous selection process adds an additional layer of security to our investments, reinforcing the reliability and stability of returns for our investors.

The benefits for our investors extend to predictable cash flows, attractive yields over the project lifetimes, and the satisfaction of not having to pay a significant amount of tax through the 125% tax deduction. 

What’s Next?

Jaltech is actively working on launching a small fundraise over the next week for taxpayers who may have missed the initial opportunity to invest and are now looking to reduce their tax bill for the 2024 financial year. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please click here, and we will ensure to reach out to you pre-launch.

Jonty Sacks & Chris McCormick – Jaltech Fund Managers

If you are interested in investing or are a large property owner looking for a solar solution, click here and complete the enquiry form and a representative of Jaltech will contact you, or email Chris McCormick at [email protected].

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