Invest or pay tax – Section 12B Solar

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Jaltech’s 4th Section 12B investment will close for investors on Friday, 7 June. 

The investment opportunity for tax-paying South Africans can result in investors receiving up to 90% of their investment back within the first year.

This 90% return is predominantly due to the tax benefit associated with the Section 12B tax incentive. This means that the amount investors would have paid in taxes to SARS can be redirected into this investment.

Jaltech’s 4th Section 12B investment will be focused on generating a return from the sale of electricity to credit-worthy businesses. The returns produced are secured through long-term energy sale agreements.  

These long-term energy contracts are anticipated to generate predictable returns to investors, which will be paid out annually. A few of the investment highlights include:

  1. Investing your tax money
  2. Up to 21% IRR post-tax, net of fees + tax benefit
  3. Annual income distributed to investors 
  4. Exposure to the alternative energy sector

Investors interested in understanding more about Jaltech’s Section 12B investment can click here and complete the online form, and a representative from Jaltech will contact them

Chris McCormick – Jaltech Fund Managers

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