EnviroServ’s 45-year journey to environmental excellence

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The waste management company has been turning the unwanted into wanted since 1979, helping clients achieve their zero-waste goals.

In the ever-evolving landscape of waste management, EnviroServ stands as a distinguished leader with a legacy of expertise. Established in 1979 and headquartered in Gauteng, the company has consistently pioneered innovative waste solutions, finding solutions to help customers become part of the circular economy.

A legacy of leadership

As South Africa’s premier waste management company, EnviroServ has shaped the waste management narrative for decades. The company has established itself as an industry leader, operating strategically through depots nationwide and regional branches in Mozambique and Uganda.

EnviroServ takes pride in offering modern solutions to intricate hazardous and non-hazardous waste and chemical pollution challenges. The company’s services focus on legal compliance, safe handling, transportation, and treatment, providing clients with peace of mind while helping them achieve their zero-waste goals.

Adapting to evolving societal and environmental needs

With a wealth of operational excellence, EnviroServ has played a key role in the dynamic evolution of waste management.

“Our journey is one of continuous adaptation, responding adeptly to changing technologies that create new waste management challenges and ever-evolving legislation,” says EnviroServ CEO Dean Thompson.

“We are focused on ensuring health and environmental prosperity within society through best-practice waste management, helping clients turn their undesirable waste into resources that create employment.”

As an early adopter who rose to meet waste management challenges in South Africa, EnviroServ recognises that true sustainability is a dynamic process. 

EnviroServ is dedicated to delivering waste solutions that go beyond conventional norms. The company’s approach is rooted in environmental responsibility, efficacy, and economic viability. “We aim to empower our clients to elevate their sustainability efforts, helping them achieve their ESG goals along with total environmental peace of mind.”

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