How to destroy your life in 140 characters – the Justine Sacco saga

By Caitlin Hogg Last Friday, the 20th December, a social media storm erupted globally, completely unbeknownst to the initiator in what has become another cautionary tale for social network users to watch their words. Justine Sacco, now-former corporate communications director for New York based internet company, InterActiveCorp (IAC – parent company of,,, … Read more

Rubbish rumours. Tweeting idiot Justine Sacco no relation to Desmond Sacco, SA mining billionaire.

By Alec Hogg South Africans watched with fascination and then horror at the nuclear-type fallout after  Cape Town-headed New Yorker Justine Sacco’s inappropriate tweet about HIV/Aids, Africa and being White. Justine Sacco, high profile Public Relations executive, achieved global notoriety after she tweeted from Heathrow en route to Cape Town for Christmas with family. The … Read more