The new Suzuki Fronx blasts into the compact crossover segment

Suzuki sales are sky rocketing and it’s not hard to see why. Japanese reliability coupled with spectacular value for money and a model range that is as wide as it is long. That all combines into stellar sales. Now Suzuki has introduced the Fronx, the new model that replaces the discontinued Brezza. Based on the … Read more

Suzuki Baleno: unrivalled value for money

This is the second generation Suzuki Baleno to grace South African shores. And my is it a good ‘un as I’ll unpack a bit later. The new one does however come with some fairly stiff competition in the form of the Toyota Starlet. You see the Baleno comes out of the same factory as the … Read more

Suzuki Swift Sport – day to day living

BizNews motoring editor Miles Downard spent a month with the Suzuki Swift Sport and in this edition outlines what it’s like to live with it every day.

Suzuki Swift Sport: Mega change, mega car

Suzuki’s Swift Sport is now turbo charged, which is a rather big move for this little hot hatch. The change is mega, as Miles Downard found out recently at the South African launch.