Power of social media – Oosthuizen’s online endorsement boosts Sawagat


Greetings from La Guardia Airport, New York. I’m waiting for the flight to Omaha where the Berkshire Hathaway AGM is to be held tomorrow. While checking emails, picked up this note from Dr Thomas Oosthuizen. You may recall his recent blog on a start-up KNZ restaurant. His note warmed my heart. Yours too?

From Dr Thomas Ooosthuizen:

Hi Alec, I hope you are well! I had such wonderful feedback from your post – thanks!

Just a short update on Sawagat:

You may recall my recent little tale about a new Indian Restaurant that opened locally, Sawagat (+27 32 586 1384). We again went there for dinner last night, it was full, mostly with locals, large tables of six or more people. The food was excellent.

The owner told me he is so consistently busy now that he needs to import four additional chefs! What is even more amazing, is what we paid: for entrees, mains, lots (and lots) of naan bread and some water and soft drinks, the bill came to R329 – for my foreign friends, that is around US$35 – for three people. Which is why two tables were there celebrating birthdays.

It reminds me, yet again, that the principles of business are actually very simple. He even adapted the name, from the traditional spelling of Swagat, to make it easier for non-Indians to remember… then I “write books” about how business works – this humbles me: some people simply do it intuitively.”

Wonderful stuff. Alec, I showed him your blog and told him how many people it reached. He was so proud, a bit tearful! Also, the power of social media is amazing, whilst we were there this week, two tables mentioned they came because of my first Facebook post!

* In case you missed it, click here to read Thomas’s original blog. 

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