South African immigration regulations made easy (see infographic)

South African immigration regulationsOne of the most popular articles on BizNews in 2014 was a piece by Robbie Ragless, managing director at New World Immigration, who unpacked some of the important details about South African immigration regulations. The article, Critical skills list: Foreigners wanted for jobs we can’t do – full list, went viral. This is partly because there are so many South Africans living elsewhere who would be prefer to be back home but can’t find work, so the news that there are specialist vacancies available created a stir. Plus, the immigration rules have changed, making it easier for some to gain entry to the country and harder for others. In this follow-up, Robbie and his colleagues have put together a detailed infographic aimed at further simplifying the complexities. The infographic discusses the regulations in depth and why they have been brought into play. Short descriptions have been included for each and every new regulation, they note. Whether you are hoping to help a relative move to South Africa or are a foreigner pondering your work options in the country, I’m sure you will agree: this is an incredibly useful guide to the legal terrain. – JC

South African immigration regulations made easy


The New South African Immigration Regulations/Law 2014/2015

The New Immigration Regulations For South Africa Law 2014-2015. For more visit:

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This infographic is published on BizNews with the kind permission of New World Immigration.