Best of 2018: Dear Cyril: Warning! Shaun Abrahams has personal ‘hit squad’

Article published 18 January 2018

EDINBURGH — There are signs that the wheels of justice are starting to turn in corruption-ridden South Africa now that Cyril Ramaphosa is leader of the ANC, with a major breakthrough in the form of the Asset Forfeiture Unit moving to grab assets from corrupt corporate McKinsey. But President Jacob Zuma is still at the helm of the country and his henchmen are scattered across state entities. Helping to keep Zuma and his friends out of prison, while also applying pressure on his critics and those fighting for good, is Shaun Abrahams, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) boss. Abrahams is known as Shaun the Sheep because he has blatantly carried out the corrupt wishes of Zuma and associates. Paul O’Sullivan, an independent forensic investigator who has clashed with pro-Zuma individuals and has been harassed and tortured as he works against corruption, has penned a letter to Ramaphosa. He explains why it is essential for Shaun Abrahams to be removed from the NPA. O’Sullivan believes a fresh group of investigators should go through every decision by Abrahams with a fine toothcomb. Under Abrahams, senior figures at the NPA have become integrated into the largest crime syndicate in the new democracy and Abrahams has his own personal political hit squad to protect Zuma and friends, warns O’Sullivan. – Jackie Cameron

High court rules NPA head Shaun Abrahams must vacate position. More cartoon magic available at

By Paul O’Sullivan*

Dear Cyril,


You will note that I have copied you on some of my mails to Shaun Abrahams at the NPA. The below e-mail of 05 October 2017, is just one such mail.

I have read with interest that that steps are finally about to be taken, to bring an end to the ‘capture’ of the NPA. In order for the NPA to be uncaptured’ it is important to first fully understand how it was captured and the effect of such capture.

I do not propose to repeat what we have already placed in the public domain and therefor commend to you, the following data:

In addition, I suggest looking at:

Paul O’Sullivan

Curiously, all the recipients of my harshly worded e-mails, have remained silent on the very serious allegations I have made against them, which allegations I have published. It is my suggestion that their silence is an admission of guilt on their part, as they cannot deny the allegations.

Under Shaun Abrahams, certain senior members of the NPA have become a part of the largest crime syndicate this country has ever seen, since the dawn of democracy. Between Abrahams and the incumbent President of the Republic, we have seen countless appointments at the level of Director of Public Prosecutions. Without exception each and every one of those appointments, is questionable and stand to be reviewed, as soon as Abrahams has been removed from office.

You will see that I have attached a copy of the Presidential Proclamation of March 2003, which breathed life into the so-called Priority Crime Litigation Unit ‘PCLU’. It is clear that the original intentions of this unit was to deal with Rome Statute matters.

Prior to his appointment as NDPP, Abrahams was the ‘acting’ head of the PCLU. After his appointment as NDPP, he bastardised the PCLU and has since used it as his personal hit-squad, in taking out the political enemies of Zuma. The only information available about the work of the PCLU, is available on line at: . This is historical and has not been updated since Abrahams moved from the PCLU to his current position.

The PCLU has been the weapon of choice of Abrahams and his accomplice, Michael Hulley. Together they have plotted and planned and used the PCLU to go after, not only myself, but also, Pravin Gordhan, Robert McBride, Anwar Dramat, Shadrack Sibiya, Glynnis Breytenbach, Gen Booysen. In order for this to be possible, Abrahams must have issued a memorandum identical to the one attached in respect of myself. If he did not issue such a memorandum, the conduct of the PCLU would have been ultra vires the 2003 Presidential Proclamation. The only thing I have in common with the person that have become criminal suspects in Abrahams eyes, is that we all have been engaged in exposing the dark underbelly of institutionalised corruption in South Africa. Gordhan was targeted, because he wanted to rid SAA of its corrupt chairman, Ms Dudu Myeni, and prevent her from looting the airline.

It has since become public knowledge, and is the subject of my other dockets, that Myeni, assisted the Guptas in ‘capturing’ Eskom, which capture has brought that company to its knees. Evidence of the dockets against Myeni can be seen at and also at

In the case of myself, Abrahams issued the memorandum authorising the PCLU to investigate me, (copy attached) to disgraced former advocate Nomgcobo Jiba, against whom I had opened a criminal docket in 2012, for her role in protecting criminals. However, it soon became clear that the issuing of the memorandum to Jiba on 2016-04-12, was 12 days post factum the unlawful kidnapping and torture of myself for four days, at the hands of the captured Hawks, under Ntlemeza and Phahlane, for no other reason than I had stated I intended to call a press conference in London to expose Phahlane, Ntlemeza, Moonoo, Abrahams, Jiba, Mrwebi and Myeni and that at such press conference I would reveal the depth of the unlawful relationship between the Guptas and the Zuma family, and certain known criminals.

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Subsequent to my arrest, a person who then masqueraded as an Advocate, and employed at the PCLU, mounted a series of malicious prosecutions against me. Without exception all of the malicious prosecutions have been carried out using the tainted evidence of criminals. Not one of the false prosecutions has yet borne fruit.

In that regard I should mention that I have opened multiple dockets against Myeni for fraud and corruption, and not one of them have been properly investigated or prosecuted, despite the lapse of several years. Notwithstanding the deliberate failure of the NPA to act against Myeni, they instead conspired with her and she opened a false docket against me alleging ‘intimidation’ and ‘extortion’ because I had demanded she resign from SAA, for being involved in corrupt practices. Despite Myeni’s case being false and without merit, a fake advocate, Mlotshwa, of the PCLU, signed a J175, and charged me with Myeni’s false allegations, on 2016-04-07, FIVE days BEFORE the PCLU were even sent the memorandum of Abrahams.

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Through a process of litigation in the High Court, it has emerged that the PCLU were involved in guiding dirty cops against me, long before the 12 April 2016, memorandum of Abrahams. Accordingly, all their conduct was unlawful.

Despite repeated requests for evidence that such investigations against the eminent persons named above, were lawful, Abrahams has simply chosen to remain silent, as he knows such evidence will be used to obtain an arrest warrant for him, as it will implicate him in racketeering, by deliberately targeting people that were exposing those near and dear to Zuma and Michael Hulley, to whom he owed his allegiance in breach of the Constitution and the NPA Act.

Anti-corruption inaction figures. More of Zapiro’s brilliant work available at

During 2017, it emerged that, despite ample prima facie evidence of criminal wrong doing, decisions were being taken, at the instruction of Abrahams, not to prosecute certain persons, where a prosecution was warranted.

As a case in point, it emerged during attempts by IPID to obtain agreement to charge certain police officials for serious offences, that there was a general instruction that had come down from Abrahams office, that in all ‘high profile’ cases, the decision to prosecute had been removed from the normal management line, to his office, resulting in a back-log of awaiting decisions. Upon him receiving the request for a decision, he would then delegate that work to people under his control, whom have been appointed during his watch, with an off the record instruction to decline to prosecute.

By this method, he has effectively stymied all prosecutions of high profile persons, including, but not limited to, Myeni, Lucky Montana, Phahlane, Ntlemeza, Jen Chi Huang, Moonoo, Yusuf Kajee, Mdluli, and many others.

It is therefore my contention that Abrahams stands to be charged with various serious offences of obstructing justice and breaching section 32 of the NPA Act. Furthermore, since his conduct was deliberately calculated to protect the largest crime syndicate this country has ever seen, he should also be charged with Racketeering.

I therefore hope that you will not only remove him from his post as NDPP, but that you will cause an investigation into every single decision taken by him during his time as NDPP. In addition, the investigation needs to look into the vast sums of out of budget spend he has made on senior advocates in private practice, to attempt to prop up his unlawful conduct.

I also request that the you disband the so-called PCLU, which has been completely bastardised and reform it with people that can be trusted, and review each every politically motivated prosecution they have commenced and hold those persons accountable.

It goes without saying that Abrahams is not a fit and proper person to act as a prosecutor in any sphere and should NOT be returned to his previous position, but should be suspended from work altogether, pending the outcome of the necessary investigations. Every day that Abrahams remains in office, is a day too long. It may take decades for the NPA to recover from the damage he and Hulley have done.

In the interests of transparency, I have copied Abrahams and some of his accomplices.

Both myself and Forensics for Justice remain available should you require any further clarity about these very serious allegations I am laying at the door of the NDPP.


Dear Adv Mzinyathi,

I write to you (again) as the guardian of ethics at the NPA.

Please find the attached SIU report, which is self-explanatory and has been concealed for so long, until now.

I understand that the persons implicated in this report have unlawfully been given ‘protected’ positions within the NPA, instead of being fired and having criminal charges preferred against them. I also understand that Adv Marshal Mogatle unlawfully issued a ‘decline to prosecute’ directive. I believe this to be the same Marshal Mogatle that issued a ‘decline to prosecute’ against the now disgraced Jiba and Mrwebi. It is clear he is nothing more than a puppet, amongst so many other captured puppets at the NPA.

This is yet another example of NPA’s overt condonation of criminal conduct, whilst unlawfully pursuing fake criminal charges against persons exposing corruption.

I invite the NPA to explain why these people have been retained as employees, and reserve the right to call for a judicial review, or public enquiry of this patently unlawful (and corrupt) conduct, which amounts to the offence of racketeering.

Curiously this is the same Dawood Adam that attempted to have a state witness (against Radovan Krejcir) admitted to the witness protection program so that Lt General Moonoo (a paid employee of mafia kingpin Radovan Krejcir) could have him murdered and when I pursued the now suspended acting chief of police, I became the subject of intense criminal conduct by Moonoo’s accomplices in the police, Hawks and NPA. This has not gone unnoticed.

I have copied this e-mail to the GCB of South Africa and, in doing so, hereby formally request a thorough investigation into the fitness or otherwise to hold the position of Advocate of all those involved in capture of the NPA, starting with Adv Dawood Adam, and the fake advocate Mlotshwa. I have also copied the Public Protector and the Deputy President, in the interests of transparency.

South African Police Service (SAPS)

By way of example of the complicity of criminals in the NPA, Police and Hawks:

  • I was arrested and dragged off a plane on 01 April 2016, for (lawful) use of my Irish passport. It is now common cause that I was forced to use my Irish passport, because of the systemic corruption within the police, which resulted in Radovan Krejcir conspiring with police officials, including Moonoo and his accomplices, to have me murdered.
  • On 03 April 2016, Sello Maema, from the Priority (Political) Crimes Litigation Unit ‘PCLU’ refused to grant me police bail and went on to oppose such bail on 2016-04-04 at the Kempton Park court. Maema’s side-kick, no doubt acting under the same hidden criminal controlling hand, went on to masquerade as an Advocate and try and prosecute me on various trumped up charges, all of which are now floundering. Despite the NPA being aware that Mlotshwa commits a criminal offence every time he dons an advocate’s gown, he continues to do so. This means the NPA are condoning his criminal conduct.
  • It is common cause, that the PCLU was set up by presidential proclamation in 2003 and was specifically established to ONLY focus on ‘Rome Statute’ matters. It has since become the go-to unit for politically generated unlawful actions, aimed at silencing those exposing corruption of the politically connected mafia, such as myself, McBride, Dramat, Sibiya, Gordhan and so on. The presidential proclamation makes it crystal clear that the PCLU may ONLY become involved in other matters, upon direction of the NDPP.
  • Curiously, the NDPP only issued such an instruction concerning myself on 2016-04-12, TWELVE full days AFTER I was kidnapped from a plane and subjected to four days of torture at the hands of captured elements under the control of the now disgraced and dismissed Ntlemeza and Phahlane.
  • This means that the PCLU was actively engaged in unlawfully bringing me down, BEFORE compliance with the presidential proclamation of 2003-02-25, effectively rendering their conduct ultra vires.

I have repeatedly requested sight of ALL of the NDPP memorandums, pertaining to ALL the political cases be provided, so that the country can be informed about how the PCLU has been bastardised to suit a corrupt agenda. This would include, but not be limited to: Generals Dramat, Sibiya and Booysen, Robert McBride, Glynnis Breytenbach and Julius Malema. My requests have been ignored.

The time is therefore right to increase the public pressure until the rot is exposed.

On 2016-01-09 the President, Mr J Zuma publicly stated:

‘We all have a responsibility to fight corruption and expose corruption and expose corrupt people and report them to law enforcement’

Nowhere has the President said (in public at least) that the captured rogue elements in the Police, Hawks and NPA have a duty to unlawfully harass and intimidate people exposing corruption, in the way it has been doing over the last three years.

My R200m claim against the state will be served before the end of this year and I will pursue it with at least the same (lawful) vigour I have been (unlawfully) pursued.

In the meantime, I await with bated breath, an answer to the above serious points and invite Adv Breytenbach to raise these very serious issues in parliament.

Newly-elected ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa

My rights are reserved, as I fully expect to see the captured ‘clowns with gowns’ in the PCLU working hand in hand with captured ‘criminals with badges’ in the Hawks, to launch further unlawful attacks against me.

I would have thought that with Ntlemeza and Phahlane having been neutralised, the tide would have turned, but it seems the last kicks of a dying horse are at work here.

I’m ready to do for my country what I have been doing for more than 25 years, and will not be put off by a criminally captured criminal justice system.

Best wishes,

Paul O'Sullivan




Footnote from Paul O’ Sullivan*: “I am of the opinion that this is a side diversion, to show the country that the NPA are doing something after all, when they’ve been sitting on their hands all this time. The guy that signed this affidavit, is the same guy that has been holding back on attaching the proceeds of crime in possession of Phahlane for almost a year.

Meanwhile, it has been rumoured that the NPA are setting their sights on Brian Molefe, because he did not share his portion of the loot with someone higher up the food chain. It’s also been rumoured that his driver has given it all up and is singing like a canary.

The only actions planned in the foreseeable future are against Eskom/Trillian/McKinsey names. The current actions are intended to try and protect the sheep from being sent to the abattoir.

The Guptas are left right out of it, and so too are the capturers of Eskom, ie Myeni and Zuma and their son (Thalente), as well as Nick Linnell the guy that masquerades as a lawyer. They are the ones that created the enabling environment for it all. See

All NGOs and everybody else involved in the fight against corruption must not rest, or take the foot off the gas, as the victory that is coming will only be possible if we run the crooks clean over the cliff. If we rest, or take our foot off the gas, they will regroup and attempt to make a return. The tide is now flowing in the right direction and we must complete the job in hand.

NDPP Memorandum 2016-04-12

Presidential Proclamation PCLU

Siu Owp Investgation Report Final