Alec Hogg: YouTube removes video of Hudson’s keynote from BizNews conference – but fear not

Sincere apologies for breaking into your holiday weekend. But this is so extraordinary I’m hoping you’ll forgive the intrusion.

We’ve been inundated with messages from our community since last night’s removal of actuary Nick Hudson’s presentation to the BizNews Investment conference. The explanation from YouTube is the video “is a violation of our Community Guidelines.” (see above)

YouTube’s notice warns if we violate its rules again, BizNews TV will be suspended for a week. To avoid disruption to our community (there are 18k subscribers to the BizNews TV YouTube channel) we took down Part 2 of the presentation where Nick engages in a Q&A with conference delegates.

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Despite seeing evidence about growing censorship on social media, YouTube’s action did surprise us. First, the video had over 500 000 views since being posted last weekend. Also, thousands of viewers took time to comment – most giving the thumbs up: 20 000 “likes” outnumbering “dislikes” by 100-1.

We were also comfortable with the veracity of Nick’s information. PANDA, a group of actuaries, financial and medical professionals who question Statist narratives on the pandemic, spent considerable time ahead of the conference double checking the data. Including “nit picking” by all members of the organisation’s esteemed Scientific Advisory Board  which includes Nobel Prize winner Michael Levitt and other professors from the world’s top universities.

We have no fight with YouTube, which has every right to decide whether to publish (or not) material uploaded to its platform. Also, our understanding is YouTube has a blanket agreement with the World Health Organisation, of which PANDA has been critical.

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However, we believe our community has the right to see all sides of an argument, especially when it involves something that has so massively disrupted livelihoods and economies. We’re not alone in this view. Parts One and Two of the video have been downloaded by many private citizens and uploaded to platforms other than the market leader.

From our side, we’ve also created a BizNews TV channel on Vimeo where you’ll find both videos – here’s the link:

The audio-only files are also available on BizNews Radio as per –

Nick Hudson’s keynote presentation:



And Part Two – the Q&A with Nick Hudson:



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