Rob Hersov: A roadmap for South Africa, what our country needs

Rob Hersov outlines a roadmap for South Africa’s recovery, focusing on achieving stability, economic growth, efficient service provision, and safety. He proposes a Government of National Rescue coalition involving the ANC, DA, IFP, and PA. Hersov stresses urgency, recommending swift, decisive actions to counter threats from the MK and ensure coalition success.

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By Rob Hersov

What South Africa needs:

  1. Stability for the next 2-5 years.
  2. Economic growth, employment.
  3. Efficient service provision at the national and local level.
  4. Safety and security for all.

How do we achieve each of these:

  1. Stability: a government that represents more than 60% of the electorate.
  2. Economic growth/employment: deregulation, encourage FDI, privatize SOEs, push back Cosatu.
  3. Service provision: privatization, decentralization (provinces to take control of rail and police), shrink national government, hire competent people, remove the cadre network.
  4. Safety/security be tough on crime, enforce rule of law, initiate deportation of illegal foreigners, strengthen the border.

What coalition options can deliver this:

  1. Not likely: decapitate the cadre network by forming a government that excludes the ANC.
  2. Most likely: GONR (govt of national rescue) of ANC + DA + IFP + PA.

Much as I love the idea of Voetsek ANC, decapitating the ANC monster and with it the cadre network in one fell swoop, this coalition wouldn’t last two months.

But on the GONR coalition, we at least have 68% of the electorate covered, with both the EFF and MK sidelined.

The EFF has been humiliated by this election and will be consigned to ranting, raving, and going nowhere, and as of today has no leverage whatsoever. But Julius Malema still has one card to play and that will be for the EFF to return to its spiritual home – the ANC – with him replacing spineless Cyril. Yes, President Julius Malema of the ANC! So, if the GONR isn’t firing on all cylinders and delivering results quickly, he will be welcomed back to the ANC with open arms and Cyril will be at long last kicked into touch.

The MK is the real threat. Russian sock-puppet Zuma is very astute politically and is masterfully playing the longer game. For the next two years (leading up to the municipal elections) his MK will be relishing their position as the official opposition. At this very moment MK are working with their Russki masters planning constitutional and economic disruption, and some scary civil unrest, to try and show the electorate that this GONR is the Great Betrayal and will fail, while they, the MK, are the only answer. MK intend to sweep the boards in two years.

What the GONR therefore needs to do is move fast and get runs on the board. This will be T20 cricket not Test Match stuff. The GONR needs to score sixes and boundaries and do 10 runs + per over to be able to show results in less than two years, leading up to the municipals. Unless this coalition can deliver, and deliver fast, it will fall apart under the menacing pressure of the MK, Cosatu and others.

Why bring in the PA you may ask? Simply put, Cyril needs more “color” in this partnership and having only the DA and IFP as partners is considered “not black enough” (weird I know, and don’t ask me to explain, but that’s the current perception). In addition, Gayton McKenzie is the only politician that scares Julius Malema, truly understands Zuma, and is prepared to make the tough decisions fast, and not dither like Cyril does or keep “checking with the Fedco” like the DA always does. Some of your heads won’t handle this idea but why not make Gayton head of Home Affairs or even head of Police. This would allow him to immediately deport illegal foreigners, and fearlessly throw criminals and comrades into jail, both in short order, thus allowing the GONR to deliver concrete results before Zuma and his Russian-funded MK party play their hand at the municipal elections or Julius Malema calls for Cyril to be chopped and replaced by Juju. 

The ANC would have to accept that several of its comrades would go to jail, the cadre network would be (partly) dismantled, and SOEs would need to be privatized. What Cyril isn’t good at is moving fast, hard, and decisively. Helen and the DA would need to suck it in and make peace with Gayton.

The business community (our very own invertebrate castrati, not-very-proud  holders of the White Feather Award) are panicking and desperate for a solution now. They will be pressuring the DA to accept this GONR deal.

My prediction. Batten the hatches. Fill your cellar. Maybe even buy the Rand.

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*Rob Hersov, capitalist activist, libertarian, political honey badger.