Answers to Ian’s Tivialus – 11 Feb


  1. Mercedes – Ferrari
  2. b) – Corsica
  3. McDonald’s announced it was giving free food to Israeli soldiers and hospitals. A
    contentious policy given sentiments around the Gaza war.
  4. Bees
  5. Percy Sledge
  6. Giraffe
  7. Uber – the company was founded in 2009 and numerous bans and legal challenges over
    the years resulted in heavy losses. It made $1.1bn from a revenue of $37.3bn in 2023.
  8. True – despite being in the top 15 oil-producing countries in the world, Norway has
    actively promoted the switch to EVs by exempting these cars from VAT, import duties
    and other road-related charges levied on other vehicles.
  9. a) – the media discovered that she had an affair with a married man to which she first
    denied knowledge of his marital status. When she subsequently admitted to knowing of
    his marriage, she gave up the title.
  10. c) – Venice
  11. b) – Hamlet
  12. c) – Sweden – from being one of the least violent countries in Europe, Sweden now has
    the second-highest rate of fatal shootings as a result of the violence between drug gangs
    that has spread from the cities into the smaller towns and the countryside.
  13. Switzerland
  14. Zimbabwe – Afghanistan
  15. c) – number of atoms in a single human body – 7 000 times more than the number of
    stars and even more in the case of sand particles on Earth. Interestingly, there are more
    possible iterations of chess games than there are atoms in the observable universe.
  16. Widespread protests by farmers in numerous countries. Farmers blocked highways with
    tractors at the increasingly stringent policies being implemented across EU countries.
    The concession on pesticides was only one of the relief measures introduced to meet
    the demands from the agricultural sector.
  17. a) – Germany. The Glienicke Bridge which connects Berlin with Potsdam.
  18. Polyglot
  19. c) – Africa in Nigeria, Cameroon, and Ghana.
  20. Czech Republic or Czechia.