Alec Hogg: Jannie Mouton – Thinking more, doing less – and generating 51% a year for two decades

By Alec Hogg

I visited with PSG founder Jannie Mouton in his peaceful Stellenbosch office last Friday. Much of the conversation will be shared in the days ahead. A good place to start is with what Jannie is reading at the moment.

As expected, the man often described as the “Boere Buffett” has been studying Warren Buffett’s latest letter to shareholders, distributed last weekend. He was recently given William Thorndike’s The Outsiders, an excellent hardcover focusing on eight CEOs the author rates as the best capital allocators ever.

Mouton, whose PSG has generated a 51% annual return since inception 20 years ago, deserves a place among them. Like those eight, he’s an iconoclast. And he also invests his days reading and thinking, rather than doing. A role model for any budding billionaire.

psg group
PSG Group’s performance over the last three months


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