Happy birthday Biznews.com – we’re two years old today


Isaac, manager of Fourno's Rosebank (where many important early Biznews.com meetings were held) with our birthday cake. We like celebrating and turing two on the same day Barack Obama has his birthday is reason enough.
Isaac, manager of Fourno’s in Rosebank Johannesburg (where many important early Biznews.com meetings were held) with the birthday cake he made sure was up to his high personal standards. We like celebrating and turning two on the same day Barack Obama has his birthday is a good enough reason don’t you think?

By Alec Hogg

On 4 August 2013, Biznewz.biz made its quiet entrance. In its first month, 11,236 people visited the site where we tried to do things differently by carefully curating each article and providing a suitable context. Our mission was to convert South Africa’s news consumers one mouse click at a time.

We’re having a birthday party at our HQ this evening to celebrate the milestone. We love these opportunities. They give us an excuse to thank the team, their families, our advertisers, contributors and also include a few members of the community. We’ll also use the event to unveil a new product that I’ll tell you about tomorrow. Something we’ve invested a lot of time in and are sure you’ll agree was worth the effort.

Thank you for coming with us on this incredible ride. Nowadays it’s a slow day if we get fewer visitors in any 24 hour period than we did in the whole of that first month. We believe Biznews will keep growing for as long as we keep learning from you  – your reading habits, comments and suggestions. We are determined to stay a listening organisation. So please keep talking, Our ears are wide open.

From Biznews community member Meryl Williamson

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I wish you a Long Life!

From Biznews community member Bev

Happy Birthday. May you go from strength to strength!!

From Biznews community member Mo Haarhoff

Happy birthday and many, many more. Live from your birth,

From Biznews community member Peter Burdin

Happy Birthday Alec – to you and the team. And thanks for the ESSENTIAL daily reading!

From Biznews community member Dean McCoubrey

I really enjoy your emailers, and so great to see solid yet concise content being appreciated. Onwards and upwards for many more years to come.

From Biznews community member Geoff Rothschild

Congratulations and best wishes!

From Biznews community member Mark de Wet

Congratulations Mr Hogg and happy 2nd birthday Biznews. My continual support you will have.

From Biznews community member Barry Werner

Congratulations to you and the team Alec! Well Done.

From Biznews community member Colleen Maletti

Happy happy birthday. May you live to serve my news needs and put a sparkle in my laughter and stimulate my aging brain cells. Alex Hogg you rock!

From Biznews community member Neil Gillett

Congratulations Alec and Bizznews – all strength to you for lots more!

From Biznews community member David Meades

Happy birthday Biznews.com – we’re two years old todayDear Alec What a day! Baie geluk en mag julle van krag tot krag gaan. You can’t keep a good man down. Doet zo v oort!

From Biznews community member Sandra Sowray

Happy Birthday to you and your team Alec, and thanks for making my morning more interesting for the last 2 years!

From Biznews community member Colin Braude

Happy Birthday. Long may BN continue to inform us 😉 (thanks)

From Biznews community member Herbert Hirsch

Many happy returns of the day! Keep up the good work.

From Biznews community member Andrew Fenwick

Happy Birthday!!  Can’t believe it has been 2 years. All the very best and many happy returns. Enjoy the celebrations tonight, I hope it gets some coverage. (CNBC or BDTV)

From Biznews community member Craig McLaurin

Congratulations on your second birthday. It feels like just the other day that the website was launched. I have enjoyed watching it slowly morph over time into an amazing source of information and look into the world of business, finances and so many other bits and pieces. Thank you to each and every person involved. Your toils are probably not often publicly or formally recognised, but as an avid reader, I can assure you that it is always appreciated. May you always continue to grow in strength and stature.

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