Mentoring makes a comeback – says much about the wisdom of Millennials

by Alec Hogg

Alec HoggOver the past few months I’ve received requests to mentor people I’ve never met. It is flattering that a young person asks to be guided. But also surprising, because for most in my generation until we hit the mid-30s, older people were regarded as misguided know-nothings.

Ask around and you’ll also discover it’s very different for Millennials. They regard mentoring and sponsorship as a natural part of career development. Mentoring, for them, is tapping into someone more experienced who is prepared to pass on knowledge. Sponsorship is finding a powerful person to forward your case in their circles.

My life is at a point where any mentoring is only possible within our young business  – and often it’s me getting the benefit rather than providing it. But all of us should celebrate the concept’s comeback. Even before Aristotle took a young Alexander under his wing, those with youth and humility reached further by tapping into the wisdom of elders. That helped make a better world. Something we can all strive towards today.

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