Why university students rail against capitalism – it stems from the very top

The Biznews offices are in the Media Centre at the JSE. A prestigious location right in the heart of Sandton, the richest square mile in Africa. We were the first tenants and for most of the past two years, have been delighted at that decision.

Not yesterday. An email from the landlord warned that a red-overalled mob would be “marching” on the building, and as a precaution the JSE’s doors would be locked at 3pm. The last time their leader Julius Malema visited our offices, he was quiet, almost subdued ahead of an interview with my colleague Tim Modise. Malema was likely to be less polite this time. So yesterday our team worked from home.

Given the recent protests, there were doubtless many university students among the those fighters against economic freedoms. Which got me wondering why would-be thought leaders would be railing against the only economic system that creates wealth and generates economic growth? What it is that is taught in economics classes at SA universities today? Surely, even least attentive student must be aware of the economic consequences that stem from capitalism’s alternative (witness USSR, Eastern Europe, Cuba, Venezuela, et al).

Then it hit me. SA’s Minister of Higher Education is one Bonginkosi “Blade” Nzimande whom, for the past 17 years, has also been the Secretary General of the South African Communist Party. Now there’s a scary “deployment” if ever there was.

From Biznews community member Matthews Letlape

Yes, the red overalls are here and may cause mayhem if the state does not distribute wealth equally. Many people are struggling in South Africa and we can’t blame the ANC Government alone, I think business also needs to take blame cause once we shy away from the truth then we are in for a serious mess in the country. Everyone needs to contribute towards the New dispensation if we are to safe our nation from becoming a banana country.

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