Global winds of political change set to sweep dust off neglected NDP

The longer one lives, the more you realise that lunatics only take control of the asylum for brief periods. The rule of the misguided sows the seeds of its own destruction. Leading to an inevitable changing of the guard as the natural order reasserts itself.

We are seeing this happening in South America where the consequences of a decade of socialism has evoked a strong voter reaction. Over the weekend, Argentina elected the centre-right, business-friendly Mauricio Macri. Venezuela is set to take the same route on December 6. And Brazilians are even more restive.

In South Africa, we already have a sensible economic blueprint called the National Development Plan. Unfortunately, this well researched document has of late been a mere afterthought. The winds of political change are blowing everywhere, including in SA. So it’s a safe bet the dust will soon be swept off the NDP – at long last.

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