Those debasing Chief Justice’s Nkandla judgement do so at their peril

Travelling around our country is always a tonic. Most of us live in bubbles, with a worldview shaped by our own surroundings. Seeing the challenges faced by others provides perspective.

This week’s road trip was a reminder of South African resilience. The mixture of having full lives and natural tolerance means ordinary folk will forgive a lot. But they are also more aware than their political leaders surmise. And their patience is not infinite.

From what I’ve picked up during many hours of conversation this week is that South Africans feed on hope. And they got a chunk of it from Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, a new national hero who reminded them that flawed leaders are also answerable.

Those now trying to debase his court’s watershed ruling do so at their peril. Never under-estimate the intellect of the common people – particularly once they have been endowed with information. As they now have been with the Nkandla saga, firepool and all.

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