Waking up to smell the coffee – sure fire way to pick a good restaurant

My pal Alan Knott-Craig presented an interesting argument yesterday on how to choose a restaurant: the quality of its coffee.

My regular eaterie Fourno’s, he says, serves very average coffee. And don’t even think of Mugg & Bean which, coffee-wise, is like Pep Stores – great volume but lacking quality. So working according to the Knott-Craig coffee barometer he took us to the Woolworths Cafe’ and a highly satisfactory result.

There must be something in this. Another friend who recently provided part of the funding for a new restaurant, says he over-capitalised on the coffee machine. It’s been a roaring success, a rarity in the highly competitive food selling business. Perhaps he intuitively knows what Alan articulated.

It’s little foibles like this which make businesses so interesting. Differences between success and failure is sometimes hidden in the most unusual places. Like the quality of your coffee machine reflecting overall standards and being appreciated accordingly by customers. Without some lateral thinking, that reality escapes us.

From Biznews community member Margie Odell

Quite honestly Alec Wimpy coffee beats the lot!!!!!! Just saying!!

From Biznews community member Roger McMorris

One has to think – yes this is true – nothing like a great cup of coffee to bring you back and a rotten cup to keep you away forever – especially the bitter stuff!

From Biznews community member Charles Withington

we all have our different measures …

Any restaurant that:

  • Has sparkling clean toilets/washrooms
  • Can make a really good fresh green salad

Is going to delight in all the other departments and you WILL be back!

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