Why South Africans living in the UK could swing it for Brexit

By Alec Hogg

Forty one years ago, Britons voted overwhelmingly to join the European Union. Of 26 million votes cast, two thirds were in favour. Measured against that benchmark, next week’s too-close-to-call Brexit Referendum shows that at the very least, millions of Britons view the EU experiment to have failed.

Something like half a million South Africans living in the UK are entitled to vote on June 23, courtesy of SA’s membership of the Commonwealth. In a contest where every vote matters, they could make the difference. And Saffers possess a powerful vested interest for Brexit.

Pundits from both sides agree on the short-term consequence should Britain leave the EU: weaker Sterling, a drop of up to 20% in house prices; and a tighter job market. All of which very much suits the legendary hard working South African emigrants now living and working in the country. Who would have thought?

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