The tragedy of Jo Cox – a temperance reminder for electioneering politicians

By Alec Hogg

For most of the time, Britain is a highly civilised, law abiding country. So yesterday’s murder of Jo Cox, a young Labour MP and anti-poverty activist, shocked the nation to its core. It has also cast a sombre pall over next week’s emotionally-charged Brexit vote.

Cox, a mother of two and rising star in the UK’s Official Opposition, is well known in the developing world through a prior role as head of policy at Oxfam. A tireless campaigner for the “Remain In EU” camp, she was attacked while meeting voters in her West Yorkshire constituency, stabbed with a hunting knife and shot three times by a 52 year old Lee Harvey Oswald-lookalike.

All murders are tragic. This one more than most because Cox dedicated her life to serving those less fortunate. Her death won’t have been in vain if it reminds politicians everywhere that power brings responsibility. And how, especially during elections, they must temper their own emotions and prejudices because you never know who is listening.

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