Go get ’em Thandeka – SABC hasn’t lost all its good ‘uns

By Alec Hogg

A career highlight was between 1991 and 1994 after old pal Jerry Schuitema convinced me to join the SABC. It was during the transition to democracy, a brief period when the national broadcaster was able to properly fulfil its role: the National Party’s hands were off and the ANC hadn’t yet injected its cadres.

Among my privileges was mentoring some bright youngsters, including the memorable intern Zintle Filtane who possessed the rare gift of translating her ebullient personality onto the small screen. Her bosum buddy was Thandeka Gqubule, equally talented and just as feisty.

We lost touch, so it was a delight to see that years later Thandeka has lost none of her spunk. She is one of three SABC journalists now in the firing line after publicly backing outgoing CEO Jimi Matthews by standing up against the corporation’s censorship instruction.

Thandeka, Foeta Krige and Suna Venter were yesterday given less than 24 hours to appear before a disciplinary committee. Their inquisitors are in for a surprise. This lady is no pushover. Especially not once her mind has been set against something she deems unfair. Occasionally the arrogant ones bite off more than they can chew. This looks to be one of those times. The SABC might have bled much talent. But Thandeka and her co-accused prove there are still some good ‘uns working on the hill.


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