Finmin case to fire Moyane is stronger after SARS boss shields his dodgy #2

There is a furore around corruption allegations involving the number two man at SA Revenue Services Jonas Makwakwa. Rightly so. Because for democracy to function, the integrity of those serving at State institutions must be above reproach. Especially at the organisation collecting the money to keep the public sector rolling. Taxes are rarely willingly paid. To comply, tax collectors need a combination of carrot and stick – showing taxpayers their money is properly applied; the other showing the serious consequences of not paying. When it becomes apparent “discounts” are available by greasing the right palms, both carrot and stick falls away. A worrying part of the Makwakwa matter is despite obvious evidence (like being filmed depositing wads of banknotes into an ATM) the SARS #2 has been shielded by his controversial boss Tom Moyane. That Moyane and SA president Jacob Zuma were related through marriage complicates issues. As does the way Zuma aggressively intervened to prevent finance minister Pravin Gordhan firing the head of the tax collection authority. Ditto that the man accused of impropriety is the head of the unit which deals with high net worth individuals and big corporations. The Makwakwa case also illustrates how Gordhan is bulwark between SA’s public resources and those who would plunder them. To prevent a brooding taxpayer backlash, Makwakwa must at the very least be suspended. Ditto his boss Moyane. Soonest.  – Alec Hogg

By Jenni Evans

Cape Town – DA MP David Maynier vowed to submit a parliamentary question to get more information on a reported probe over alleged ”suspicious” payments to a SARS officer, following a report in the Sunday Times.

He said the allegations were not new and had been raised with SA Revenue Service commissioner Tom Moyane during a standing committee on finance meeting in Parliament on 23 August this year.

SA Revenue Service commissioner Tom Moyane. Photo courtesy of Twitter
SA Revenue Service commissioner Tom Moyane.

”When questioned about the investigation, Tom Moyane was evasive and simply stated that he would not ‘comment on current ongoing investigations’.

He added that all follow-up questions were referred to senior revenue service officials who were ”equally evasive” and said they would not comment on current investigations.

”The burning questions in this case are: whether Tom Moyane acted on the recommendations of the preliminary report and requested an investigation into the allegations surrounding “suspicious and unusual payments”; and if an investigation is being conducted, why Jonas Makwakwa has not suspended, pending the outcome of the investigation, from SARS?” said Maynier.

The Sunday Times reported that he was being investigated for R1.2m in deposits between 2010 and January 2016. Three payments totalling R450 200 to his girlfriend Kelly Ann Elskie, reportedly also a SARS employee, were also being probed.

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A report compiled by a banking regulator was handed to SARS commissioner Tom Moyane.

Investigators reportedly traced the money back to a payment of R17.8m by the Department of Water and Sanitation in favour of a debt collection company called New Integrated Credit Solutions.

Comment was not immediately available from SARS spokesperson Sandile Memela.

Maynier said he would submit a parliamentary question to the Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, to also ask whether the report was received and whether the recommended investigation was being conducted, and if was, why Makwakwa was not suspended. – News24


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