Lafferty knows how to pick a winner – witness Capitec

By Alec Hogg

In the early 1980s, the UK’s most respected banking and accounting editor left the Financial Times of London to pioneer what for journalists was a rare entrepreneurial trail. Michael Lafferty, a chartered accountant, focused on serving the banking sector.

As my boss Allan Greenblo was one of his pals, I got to contribute to the very first edition of Lafferty’s Retail Banking International newsletter. From that small acorn, the world’s top independent banking consultancy has grown.

Fast forward a few decades and Michael now runs the most prestigious bank rankings on earth. And right on top of world banking’s best of the best is South Africa’s very own Capitec.

The Cape headquartered group delivered another set of stellar financial results yesterday – less than a month after closing the half year’s books. Nice to see Michael Lafferty hasn’t lost the knack of picking winners. Which shouldn’t be too surprising considering his cousin, KZN-based racehorse trainer Paul, saddles plenty of them. Small world.

Capitec. Picture courtesy of Twitter
Capitec. Picture courtesy of Twitter
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