Brian Wilkinson: “I have a dream for SA in 2017…”

By Brian Wilkinson*

I have a dream where

being is more valuable that doing, or knowing, where all human beings and cockroaches enjoy a demonstrative value of being.

… we are all free and equal like the model marriage, democracy, the worker-owned co-operative and sustainability as it transcends equity, economy and ecology.

… water, warmth, weeds and worms replace the gold price and money as daily barometers of abundant flow.

… the world accepts JJ van Wyk’s challenge to rid us of scarcity by banning money

… people and nature withdraw from religion, politics, economics, the nation and the law.

… people and nature together in neo-Gandhian ashrams seek truth (God).

… a benign theonomy affirms ideas above ideology, transcendence above compromise.

… justice replaces judgement in an inclusive, non-hierarchical, non-violent and restorative law.

…  a non-violent revolution replaces all structures with a thousand billion villages.

This journey above, follows a holistic (Jan Smuts) future based on Mahatma Gandhi’s satyagraha campaign to turn enemies into friends. Jan Smuts missed the point calling Gandhi ‘that weird coolie’. Smuts did not want to make friends, sending Gandhi on to India and success in making friends with the British. We all know that Gandhi was right as Christian, Muslim and Hindu joined him in confronting the enemy with truth. Now we also know with JJ van Wyk that getting rid of money is right. A neo-Gandhi campaign of people and nature will free us from all religion and ideology in creating a world that increases abundance so that the whole future emerges for our grandchildren.

  • Brian Wilkinson is a retired minister of the Methodist Church and an ethicist on economic ethics.
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