SA’s Forces for Good are fighting back, urging SA join them on Friday

By Alec Hogg

The endgame has finally arrived for the corrupted elite who have turned South Africa into a network of patronage. President Jacob Zuma’s shock dismissal of respected Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan removed the scales from eyes that previously refused to see the truth. The fightback has started.

ANC president Jacob Zuma looks on at the National Assembly in Cape Town, in this September 25, 2008 file photo. REUTERS/Nic Bothma

This week begins and ends with critical forks in the road of the young democracy. Today the ANC’s Top Six meet after half of them having publicly aligned with those demanding Zuma’s resignation. On Friday, activists have called for a mass stayaway, urging their supporters to take to the streets – one of the most effective tools against unpopular political overlords.

Zuma took a huge gamble when he dismissed Gordhan last week. Given the panicked way it was enacted and the poorly qualified replacement, there can be little doubt the action was an instruction to him, triggered externally. So there has rarely been a more opportune time for the Forces of Good to rally the nation. We’ll know soon enough whether their call will be heeded.

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