Retraction and apology to Mr Kuben Moodley

On 6 April Biznews published an article Bankrupt but rich in enforcers by Ed Herbst about the current situation at the SABC.

The article contained the following reference to Mr Kuben Moodley which had been carried in the Sunday Times.

14 August 2016 – The Sunday Times alleges that Aguma awarded a Gupta-linked businessman, Kuben Moodley, a ‘suspect’ R380m debt collecting contract without going to tender. Aguma does not refer this to the Press Council nor does he seek legal redress. Neither does Moodley.

Mr Moodley brought to the attention of Biznews via a complaint to the Press Council that the original Sunday Times article contravened the Press Code in a number of ways and that the newspaper had been sanctioned in this regard three days prior to the publication of the Biznews article. At the time that the article was written, the Press Council findings in this regard had not been posted on its website.

Biznews regrets its repetition of the original Sunday Times accusations against Mr Moodley, unreservedly retracts this repetition and apologises for the unjustified imputation of unworthy motives by Mr Moodley. It also regrets any damaging consequences that Mr Moodley might have suffered as a result.

All reference to Mr Moodley has been removed from our website.

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