Looking ahead to 2031 – where SA’s economic sanity may finally prevail

I learned during yesterday’s board meeting of Scouts SA that enterprising souls are working on a pitch to bring the 27th World Jamboree to South Africa in 2031. Held every four years since 1920, World Jamborees attract over 40,000 scouts and the right to host hotly contested. The 2019 event is in the US, with the 2023 edition down to a two horse race between Poland and South Korea.

Looking 14 years ahead is a sobering exercise. Jacob Zuma will still be a few years younger than Robert Mugabe is today, while both Mmusi Maimane and Julius Malema will only just have turned 50. The South African democracy will be a few years away from its 40th year anniversary of independence – which is how long it took for India (and most African states) to awaken to the futility of socialist economics.

If Zuma and his cronies get their way, in 2031 the ANC’s desperately desired nuclear power programme will be just about ready to deliver its first output. But the Russian-built white elephants will have bankrupted the nation – and their electricity will cost exponentially more than renewables. As a direct result of that insanity and its associated plundering, the IMF (or maybe China) will be the effective ruler of a capital strapped nation.

In our personal lives, it is wise to live as though each day is our last. But when you’re the custodian for future generations, it’s always a good idea to consider the long-term consequences of today’s decisions.

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