Edward Zuma’s bizarre hour of drunken moronity. Hope springs.

By Alec Hogg

On Wednesday evening, I was among a small group of fascinated Saffers who heard forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan tell his story in a London pub. A certified genius, O’Sullivan has successfully hunted down once invulnerable South African crooks, including head of police (and Interpol) Jackie Selebi and Czech gangster Radovan Krejcir.

Among those now targeted by the forensic investigator is president’s Jacob Zuma’s controversial son, Edward. Zuma Junior, and his business partner Yusuf Kajee, operate a cigarette factory in Pietermaritzburg which O’Sullivan has fingered as the nexus of a massive customs and excise dodge.

Yesterday I listened to one of the most bizarre hours ever broadcast on South African radio. O’Sullivan again featured prominently. This time it was because the subject of JJ Thabane’s PowerFM interview dubbed him a foreign agent working for the CIA and MI5 (and, White Monopoly Capital). His accuser, that very same Edward Zuma, called for O’Sullivan to be deported.

Zuma got short shrift from PowerFM callers. And when O’Sullivan was introduced to the programme he soon excused himself by saying he refused to engage with “drunk criminals.” The Edelmans Trust Barometer puts the public’s in the SA Government at 15%, the lowest on earth. After hearing Zuma so brutally exposed, I’d doubt the barometer now makes double figures. Hope springs.

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