Paul O’Sullivan invites South Africa to join his corruption busting efforts

Forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan struggles with the after effects of an ageing body that has been on the wrong end of three bullets. As a result, he cannot afford the luxury of a slouch, nor does he allow himself those comfort foods which make life worth living for most of humanity.

Now this incredibly successful crime fighting machine is upping the ante. Having burnt through much of his personal savings (pro bono investigations cost him R4m last year), O’Sullivan is turning to fellow South Africans for support. He has launched a new website – – for crowdfunding a new wave of anti-corruption activity.

While in Johannesburg last week, I interviewed O’Sullivan and his associate Sarah-Jane Trent on this new age strategy. The interview, where Trent speaks for the first time about being kidnapped by crooked cops, is well worth having a listen (or reading the transcript).

Given the way people have opened their wallets to other activist bodies like OUTA and Afriforum, I’ve got a feeling O’Sullivan’s new initiative will capture more than the imagination of civil minded citizens. Good always triumphs over evil. Sometimes it just needs a little financial help.

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